His Brave Inspiration by SakuraRyuu
Summary: InuYasha appreciates his mate.
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InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. His Brave Inspiration by SakuraRyuu

His Brave Inspiration by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Written for the LJ comm Eternal Destiny Ficlets. Prompt: #12 - Valor
InuYasha lounged in Goshinboku watching his mate sit among the village children, teaching them how to make a crown out of wild flowers. He watched her appreciatively, loving the way she smiled easily and her face glowed in the early summer sun. He looked at her rounded belly, proud of what they had created together. He sighed deeply, thinking of all she had sacrificed for what they had now. She was the bravest person he had known since his mother.

Both women were not afraid to sacrifice all they had for the ones they loved. Both women lost their families to be with their mates and were willing to have a nontraditional family of their own against the prejudices of society. They had loved him unconditionally and accepted him for what he was. They were strong, standing against what their life could be for what it became. They could survive on their own, without the help of others.

But Kagome had given up so much more than anyone he had ever known. She was separated from her family and friends she had known all her life by 500 years instead of miles. She had no hope of ever seeing them again. She gave up a life of luxury in her time to live the simplest and most challenging of lives in the feudal era. She willingly fought demons by InuYasha's side, fearless and strong.

Kagome had proven to be the bravest person he had every encountered. She came into a world full of demons and bandits, magic and simple medicine head on, not looking back or being afraid. She learned to use a bow to defend herself and her spiritual powers to purify demons. She stood up for herself, her friends and what she believed in. She took InuYasha's shit and wasn't afraid of him, the human or the demon he was a combination of. She made friends of the most unlikely beings, human and demon, and she had never feared his bastard of a bother. She had never feared anything.

InuYasha jumped down and walked toward his mate. Reaching her side, she looked up at him and smiled brightly, running her hand over her swollen belly. Grinning wickedly he quickly scooped Kagome up and ran with her deep into his forest. Stopping at his favorite stream, he stripped them both, planting loving kisses on her softening body. He eased her into the stream, positioning her between his knees. InuYasha pushed her gently forward so her belly was between her bent legs, he gently massaged the small of her back and worked his way up, to her shoulders. When he heard her sigh contently he leaned his mate back against his chest and gently rubbed her belly.

"Feeling better, koi?" InuYasha whispered in Kagome's ear.

"Yes. As I get bigger I look forward to these times with you. Your massages help me so much." Kagome eased forward, turning to look at her mate over her shoulder. "As the birth gets closer I become more afraid, InuYasha." She looked at him with wide, nervous eyes. He chuckled gently, kissing her nose.

"Keh. You're the bravest person I know, Kagome. You can do anything. We'll get through this together."

Kagome smiled and eased back into InuYasha embrace, reassured by his faith in her.

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