Kagomeís Little Helper by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Buyo makes a complete mess of things.
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InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.


1. Kagomeís Little Helper by SakuraRyuu

Kagomeís Little Helper by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Written for the LJ comm At First Tweak.  Prompt: Ink

Kagome slowly lifted and smacked her hand down hard on her alarm clock. Knowing the early morning sunlight would hurt, she carefully opened her eyes. She was exhausted, having spent all night practicing the calligraphy strokes Miroku had given her for homework, even providing her with the writing utensils from time period: parchment, a brush and an ink pot. Kagome still was not sure where she would end up once the jewel was purified and, determined, she spent time preparing for life in the Sengoku jidai. Part of that determination was learning how to write the language of that time.

As Kagome rolled from her side onto her back she tensed her body into a stretch, drew her legs up and arched her back. Suddenly she let her body loose, her breath escaped her noisily and she flopped flat on her back, arms and legs splayed, onto the bed. Flinging the covers back, she left the bed and pointed herself toward the bathroom. In the hallway, Kagome reached down to pet Buyo who was sitting outside her bedroom door. Just as she was ready to step into the bathroom, Kagome heard her bedroom window open and immediately knew it was Inuyasha.

"Great," Kagome thought, closing the door behind her. "There goes my relaxing shower. I guess I better make this quick before he starts complaining about me taking too long"

Stepping into Kagome's room, Inuyasha saw her close the bathroom door behind her.

"Good. She's up. I don't have to drag her out of bed." he thought.

While waiting for Kagome to finish showering, Inuyasha gave in to the urge to wander around her room, looking over her desk to see what homework she had been working on lately. He knew Miroku was helping Kagome learn to write the calligraphy of their time and he was curious to see how she was doing. That's when he saw it. An overturned ink pot sitting in a puddle of dried ink with paws prints covering Kagome's usually neat desk.

As Inuyasha traced the path of the tracks, he saw they were not only printed on the desk itself but also all over the parchment Kagome had been working on for Miroku, down into her desk chair and fading across the carpet toward the door. He also saw another odd path of tracks at the edge of her desk. They were all bunched up. Looking across the room Inuyasha saw paw prints on Kagome's bedding. Buyo must have jumped from the desk to land on the bed.

Inuyasha groaned. "Kagome's going to kill that cat," he whispered to himself.

Then he heard her from the bathroom and he was grateful for once he was not the source of her raging temper.

"BUYO!" Kagome screamed at the top of her voice.

Inuyasha came through Kagome's doorway into the hall just in time to see the cat slink away, his ears down and tail between his legs. Inuyasha turned; startled by the sound of the bathroom door being swung open and slamming into the bathroom wall with such force the handle got stuck in the wall.

There she stood, absolutely livid. Kagome had one hand on the sink and one hand on the doorframe as if she were trying to hold herself back. The shower was running and she had a towel wrapped tightly around her, but across her face...

Inuyasha did all he could to not laugh, but it was too much. His quiet snicker quickly grew into bouts of laughter so strong the doubled him over. Clutching his stomach, Inuyasha then fell to the floor on his knees, rolling onto his back, feet in the air, laughing as hard as anyone ever could.

As Kagome screamed for the cat again, Inuyasha snuck another look at her and starting howling with laughter all over again. He knew no matter how hard Kagome scrubbed, she was never going to get the paw print shaped ink stains off her face.

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