Cold Memories by kmoaton
Summary: Cold winter winds bring back memories to Inuyasha for his childhood.  This story was written for firsttweak at LJ. The prompt used was "Snow".  It placed second.
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Story Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha nor do I profit.

1. Chapter 1 by kmoaton

Chapter 1 by kmoaton

“Are you alone, little one.”

From his shelter inside a hollow tree, Inuyasha could only stare in awe at the beautiful woman who appeared from the blowing snow.  It was the first winter after his mother died and he had never been so cold and lonely.  Grateful for the attention, he nodded at the woman clad only in a white kimono.  Weak from the hunger and cold, Inuyasha wasn’t sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him.  Shivering from her cold touch on his ears, he instinctively pulled away.

Smiling, the pale woman opened her arms to him.  It was so tempting to go into her cold embrace but Inuyasha could sense it would be a fatal decision.  Cowering back into the tree, he closed his eyes and prayed she went away.   After a long while, he thought he heard a quiet laugh and a voice on the wind.

“Another time, perhaps, little one.  Another time.”Shivering from cold and fear, Inuyasha could only whine…

Startled, Inuyasha opened his eyes.  In the low light from the embers, he could see Kagome sleeping next to him, her slumber undisturbed by his sudden awakening.  Pulling her close, Inuyasha allowed her warmth to pierce the chill from deep in his body.  Outside, the winter storm was howling, the wind demanding entrance into their tiny home.    Long winter nights always brought the cold memory back to Inuyasha.  He never knew how true the legend was but as much as he hated keeping secrets from Kagome, Inuyasha realized this would be one memory that he would not share.    Lulled by warmth in his arms, Inuyasha eventually fell asleep.

Standing in the snow, a quiet figure watched the hut.   Turning to leave, her words danced on the wind.

“Another time, perhaps, little one.  Another time.” 
End Notes:
The mysterious woman in this story refers to Yuki Onna or the Snow Woman.  She appears to lost souls in the winter with the intent of taking their souls.  Every now and then, she feels pity and let someone live...
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