While my pretty one sleeps by Maggie

Killing demons, hunting for sacred jewel shards, getting good grades; it can't be easy. At least not for Kagome, who has finally had enough. They only thing she wants is to get some sleep. And maybe a pair of strong arms around her? But that won't happen anyways, or will it?


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1. Chapter 1 by Maggie

Chapter 1 by Maggie

Kagome felt her eyelids start close, again. The last couple of weeks she had felt so exhausted. She was completely drained of energy. She simply couldn’t keep up the energy to fight demons, have a social life, and get good grades. Not to mention her love life was a pain-killer. If what she had was a love life… All she wanted was a day, or a week (she wouldn’t complain), at a spa. Warm baths, massage, oil…mmm…that was her kind of heaven! Oh well...it was never going to happen, but she could always dream. But still…even if she couldn’t get the spa-weekend, couldn’t she get a couple of days with resting? Was that too much to ask for!? Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t like she could stop and rest whenever she liked. Traveling on a quest to find a sacred jewel didn’t make anything easy.

They said that life wasn’t suppose to be easy, but the past year hadn’t been anything, but difficult. When was the complications going to end she wondered as her eyelids finally closed and she drifted off to sleep. Inuyasha had been aware of Kagome’s heavy eyelids for a long time now. If it was possible, he was now even more worried than he had been previously. He had yet to ask her about it, but it seriously doubted that it would do any good. The stubborn wench never told him things like that anyways. So he was sure that he’s tries would be futile. But maybe he didn’t need to talk to her about it. After all, he was a man of actions, not words.  

“Kagome, Kagome! Wake up, we need to go now” a soft voice called, dragging her out of her slumber. She opened her tired eyes to find a couple of amber eyes looking down upon her. The young miko carefully sat up, shoveling her sleeping bag away. Automatically she had begun to rub her eyes, trying to rub the sleepiness away from her sore eyes. While Kagome packed her things and rolled her sleeping bag into place amber eyes were watching her every movement. The hanyou knew that she had yet to notice it. By the look of the bags under her eyes she was likely to notice it later either. He figured that his decision to get her home for a little while was a good idea. By the state she was in, she was probably of no good use anyways. They could always stay in her time until…oh what did she call it...sunday? “Inuyasha? I’m ready to go now!” Kagome said with a distant look in her eyes.  

Inuyasha didn’t say anything, but waited for her to notice what was obviously missing. Suddenly, Kagome jerked her head to each and every direction. “But where is the rest; Miroku, Sango, Ship..?” She stated worried. “They’ve gone to Kaede to rest and get some new herbs. You would have heard them leave the camp if it hadn’t been for that loud snoring of yours” he said before she could finish her question. Predictable enough Kagome’s face flushed red, and she was immediately on fire, definitely less tired than before. “Well, I’m sorry for my need of sleep! I’m sorry that I’m only a puny human, so inferior to you! I’m sorry that I’m not as awesome as you are; who doesn’t need anything or anyone!” Inuyasha didn’t say anything, but the small glimpse of sadness in his eyes said it all. “Oh, Inuyasha…I…I’m sorry…, - Kagome walked towards him, touching his arm and gazing up at him,- I didn’t mean that. It’s just that….I’ve been so tired lately. I’m so touchy all the time. Forgive me for what I said, I didn’t mean any of it”. Chocolate orbs pleaded to his amber-ones and he sighed. How could he say not to her? “It’s alright, I know you’re tired. That’s why I’m taking you home”.  

It feels like having wings. That had been the first though crossing her mind when Inuyasha had carried her for the very first time. She loved the feeling she felt when he leaped off the ground and lifted her to the sky. It was everyone’s dream, wasn’t it? To be able to fly… No roads or paths to follow compared to the ground below. To be able to fly would be the ultimate freedom. Her lips curved in a smile, and her arms tightened around Inuyasha’s strong shoulders. And then, she fell asleep… The well was just up ahead, and Kagome had finally fallen asleep. And that had taken her a while, but it was probably not that easy to fall asleep while he ran with her on his back. But it didn’t matter because he was bringing her home after all. Once in her own time she would probably sleep a whole lot better. And he couldn’t blame her for that, seeing as her time was a lot safer than his time. No demons, no battles and no complications… No one to make things more difficult…Maybe he could use the opportunity to get some talking out of her. After all, things had been pretty tense lately. With the whole journey, Kohaku and of course, maybe the source of their problems; Kikyo…

They were approaching the well fast, and when they were only a couple of feet away he jumped. Surrounded by light he held Kagome tighter, keeping her close. When they landed on the other side he heard her sigh, sensing her own time. With agility many would admire, Inuyasha leaped out of the well, and walked towards Kagome’s house. But before he could open the door, mama Higurashi opened and smiled, as if she knew they were arriving. “I’ll take her bag” mama she said. He felt her slowly slide down from his back until she lay partly in his lap and partly on the floor. Mama Higurashi stroked her daughter’s hair with a mother’s gentle caress, and asked Inuyasha to take her upstairs.  

As they entered Kagome’s bedroom he was carrying her. Carefully cradling her in his strong arms, he laid her limp body on the bed. He thought of tucking her in bed and leave, but then… “Inuyasha…don’t leave”. Inuyasha couldn’t believe his own hearing, and thought for a moment that he had misunderstood. “Please…stay with me. Just…stay” Kagome whispered. Oh if his hearing was fucking up now, he was done for it in the morning. “Uhh…are you sure Kagome?” Her arms, which were safely around his neck tightened, and she mumbled something that he thought meant yes.

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