Into the Fire by SilentTaiyoukai
Summary: Inuyasha almost gets sat.
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1. Into the Fire by SilentTaiyoukai

Into the Fire by SilentTaiyoukai
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Written fro firsttweak on LJ.



She just barely caught herself before that hurtful word left her lips. She had used it many times before, but to use it now that they were married seemed infinitely heartless. They had bound themselves to each for life, and each had waited three years to return to the other. For a shout of the word “Sit” to be on the tail end of those heartbreaking years made Kagome cringe.

Forgetting their argument completely, Kagome clamped her hand over her mouth seconds before Inuyasha would have been slammed into the ground. She watched as his ears fell flat against his head. His eyes narrowed as hers filled with tears. She turned away from him and went back into the hut.

She sat in the corner with some unfinished sewing in her lap. The work busied her hands, but left her mind free to wander over what she had almost done, free to worry and wait for Inuyasha to come home to her.

The day wore on and the sun set, yet Kagome was still alone. She lit a fire and continued to wait, her needle and thread moving with increasing slowness as fatigue set in. When Inuyasha finally came home, he went about his business in uncharacteristic silence. She watched as he prepared the futon and lay down to sleep, all without a single word. Kagome remained awake for awhile longer, keeping to her corner of the room until she noticed her husband’s ears twitching in his sleep.

She went to kneel beside him, and he uttered a moan. She shook him by the shoulder.


He didn’t wake, but made that strangely pained sound again. She rocked him back on forth on his side until his eyes finally popped open. He sat up slowly, giving a few sleepy blinks and a yawn.

“Nightmares?” she asked him.

“No,” he said, crossing his arms into his sleeves. She had known him long enough to know he was lying.

“What is it?” Kagome said. She forcibly took him by the shoulders and made him look at her. “Tell me.”

“Argh, woman,” he sighed. He turned away, obviously loathe to talk to her. “Now you’re sitting me in my dreams,” he said finally.

Kagome’s face fell.

“Oh,” she said lamely. For a few moments, nothing was said. “Inuyasha?”


When he turned back toward her, she took his face in her hands. He relaxed at her touch, allowing her to slowly move her hands down his neck and over his shoulders. She ran her fingers over the smooth beads and sharp bones of the rosary he wore. Their eyes met as Kagome wrapped her hands around the subjugation necklace, and he bowed his head. Kagome lifted the rosary from around his neck and threw it in the fire. They laid down together and fell asleep listening to the beads and bones crackle and pop as they burned.

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