The First Meeting by SilentTaiyoukai
Summary: The first meeting of a fated pair.
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1. The First Meeting by SilentTaiyoukai

The First Meeting by SilentTaiyoukai


It would be the first meeting of a fated pair...

The little hanyou boy's favorite time of the day was early morning, when the forest youkai retired to their hiding places, and most humans were not awake. Inuyasha learned much about the harshness of the world since his mother died. Humans hated him, and youkai saw him as food.

He sat in the bough of a tree and relaxed until he heard someone crying. He jumped from his tree and followed the sound through the forest.

Inuyasha peered down into an old well from which the sound was coming. There was a little girl sitting at the bottom, huddled in one corner and crying softly. She was wearing very strange clothing colored in pink.

The hanyou boy jumped into the well and kneeled down next to the little human girl, who looked at him with wide blue eyes.

"You fall?" he asked.

She stared at him, her crying fading into sniffles. Her eyes drifted to his ears and he grumbled. She would realize he was hanyou and scream at him, just like all the other kids did.

"Yes," she said. "Who're you?"

"Inuyasha," he said, surprised. "Need help?"

She nodded and began crying again. Inuyasha grimaced at the sound.

"Stop crying," he said, reaching out to her.

He gasped when she launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around him like a vice. He placed a hand at her back and was ready to leap out of the well with her, but he was blinded by a brilliant blue light. It surrounded the girl, and he could feel her weight leaving his body. When he was able to see again, she was gone.

...And when the time came for them to meet again, neither one would remember the other.


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