Promise to Keep by Lady Noticula
Summary: What would happen if Kagome's Grandfather made a deal with InuYasha's father. Beauty and the beast with a twist
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Chapter 11 by Lady Noticula
Chapter 11

Several months passed like this, when news came to Kagome's village. Nearby villages were being attacked by large packs of demons. Rumours were flying that the demons were being lead by a young boy with dark hair and blank eyes, wearing black and yellow armour of the demon slayers.
Sango's face went blank whenever she heard the news, but Kagome could tell that her friend was troubled about these rumours.
A few nights later as they were preparing for bed, Kagome asked Sango what was troubling her.
“I fear that I know their leader” Sango's voice was faint and hard to hear.
“You never asked how I came to serve a Demon Lord, being a demon slayer” Sango's voice had taken on a flat quality.
“What has that got to do with you knowing the leader of the murdering demons?” Kagome's shock showed in her voice.
“They are connected you see. Lord InuYasha had found me on the verge of death after the destruction of my village. He brought me to his father's house. After I had recovered from most of my wounds he and Miroku took me back to find that they had buried the dead for me, But there was one grave short.” Sango's voice had taken on a quality of tears shed a long time ago, Kagome couldn't interrupt “Only my brother was missing from the dead. We heard rumours later, but we had never been able to find any trace of him. The description of the young leader matches his very closely, I fear it is him.”
Kagome threw her arms around her friend and cried the tears that Sango was unable to cry.
To give them a break from the rumours that everyone in the village couldn't stop talking about, the girls decided to explore the edge of the forest near the village. Since they were not looking where they were going they soon got lost and hadn't found their way back even as the sun started to set.
They decided to rest at the next clearing that they found. Only to find it full of demons. In the centre of the group was a young boy. Before Sango could stop herself she called out his name “Kohaku”
At the sound of Sango's voice the demons paused and the boy turned toward the two girls. His eyes were empty and no emotions crossed his face. He raised one hand and the pack of demons only paused a moment before lunging at the women to attack.
Kagome grabbed Sango's hand and they raced back through the forest. In the cover of the trees they were able to use Sango's sword and Kagome's bow to hold them back. Till Kagome ran out of arrows. They were lucky for the most part, only getting minor wounds and were able to get their backs to a large tree to protect them on one side. They fought off the demons till they could almost not stand anymore. The demons sensing their weakness gathered back before launching their final attack.
Kagome's hand rested on the jewel that InuYasha had given her before she had left. “InuYasha, Oh InuYasha I am sorry I haven't been able to get back to you, I am so sorry InuYasha” she whispered.
Her legs gave out after her apology only to see half the demons surrounding them fly into pieces. The last thing that Kagome saw before exhaustion caused her to faint was a flash of red and silver.
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