It by The Goddess Rhiannon

Why do you love 'It' more then me?

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1. It by The Goddess Rhiannon

It by The Goddess Rhiannon

Why? Why do you love something that’s not alive? Oh, why cant you look at me that way? Im here, alive. Willing to love you. That’s far more then ‘It’ can give you. How I hate ‘It’, and the love you have for it. How can you love something that much when its not even alive?

My pride and heart weep with the knowledge that you love ‘It’ more then me. And to know that without me ‘It’ would not be here. How I hate that I am connected to ‘It’, that no matter what I do I will always be associated with ‘It’.

Even to say the name of ‘It’ angers me. If only you loved me like ‘It’, then all my anger would fade to nothing, but to know that I am second best to ‘It’, to something not of this time and place wounds me so. If only you craved me like you crave ‘It’.

Why cant you see that I love you. That I can give you a future, a family. Things ‘It’ can never give you. Can ‘It’ give you any of that? Can ‘It’ hold you, and keep you warm at night like it can? No, ‘It’ cant. To do any of these things you have to be alive. To be ale to feel, to love, all things ‘It’ cant do. Oh how I hate...

“Oi wench! Where’s my ramen?”
“It’s coming hold you horses.”
“What horses?”
“Never mind.”

Kami how I hate ramen.
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