Empty Heart by SilentTaiyoukai
Summary: Inuyasha equates his loneliness to a riverbed.
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1. Empty Heart by SilentTaiyoukai

Empty Heart by SilentTaiyoukai
Author's Notes:
Written for firsttweak on LJ.


Inuyasha peered into the dry riverbed and sighed. He had never been an overly introspective demon, but ever since Kagome had left he seemed to be losing himself in his own musings more and more often. Looking at the dried remains of river plants and the rotting corpses of a few bloated fish, he couldn’t help but think about his current state.

When the water abandoned its bed, it ended all the life that had once thrived within it. With her kind heart and generous ways, Kagome had breathed life into him. She had found the key to his heart and opened it wide, revealing a treasure of emotions and happiness he had never known. She had helped him discover his true self, the real man hiding behind the angry guise. When she left, she had unknowingly taken all of those found treasures with her. Now he felt just as dry and lifeless and the riverbed.

Inuyasha jumped into the bed and crouched down. With gentle claws, he picked through the remains of his empty heart.

He overturned a fish and thought of her smile. A dried weed pulled in memories of her laugh. He flicked pebble after pebble, one for each of the many times she had made him sit, and felt more alone than he ever had in his life. He slammed his fist into the hard earth and remembered how he had jumped into the well a hundred, maybe even a thousand times over, trying with every once of his will to make it work again.

In the back of his mind he knew she would find her way back to him, but it had already been two long years and he was tired of waiting. He would wait five-hundred years if that’s what it took, but how could he stand so many centuries of loneliness now that he know how joyous life could be? By then the empty spaces in his heart could be filled with a bitter, festering mix of loss and hurt.

He wouldn’t, and couldn’t, let himself become like that. It would be an insult to Kagome to allow himself to become so hardened and cold in her absence. She may have taken a part of him with her into the well, but he would not let himself rot from the inside out because of it. He picked up a dead fish and threw it at a nearby tree in frustration.

Water returned to the riverbed with a single fallen tear.    

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