Where Time Is Broken by SilentTaiyoukai
Summary: Her scent leads him to the rift in time, where he pulls her out from darkness.
Categories: Myths Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Drabble, Drama
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1. Where Time Is Broken by SilentTaiyoukai

Where Time Is Broken by SilentTaiyoukai
Author's Notes:
Written for IYIssekiwa on LJ.


Ginger and honey. Roses and strange perfume from a different world. The scents hit his nose and he ran, leaving the taijiya, monk, kitsune, and old miko to stare confusedly at his blurred form.

He ran to the place where time was broken, where worlds collided and reunited the future with its forgotten past. He extended his hand into the darkness, reaching through time to catch the hand of the girl he loved. He pulled her upwards, across worlds, and into his arms. She fit perfectly there, even with her overstuffed pack hanging over her shoulders.

“Inuyasha?” she asked, not sure of what else to say.

He released her and folded his hands into his voluminous sleeves. He looked away, and Kagome was almost certain that his cheeks were tinged to match his clothes.

“Took you long enough,” he mumbled, and Kagome smiled.

They walked back to the old miko’s hut in silence. He would never tell her how happy he was to pull her back into his life, but he didn’t need to. His hand cutting through the shadows each time she returned, guiding her over the lip of the well and into his life said more than words ever could.

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