The Closer I get To You by Terrygurl
Summary: Kagome gets left home alone, but her mom knows the little Miko will be just fine, Kaggy's gonna have a little company, but who is it?? (i'll give you one guess)
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I Do not own inuyasha and company if i did, then why would I be writing FANfiction??
Chapter 1 by Terrygurl
Author's Notes:
Yay! one more story!! Well it's a songfic... well a bit of a songfic from the song The Closer I Get To You by Luther Vandros! Read and review please! AAANNNDDD Begin! =3

 ~~~~The closer I get to you, the more you make me see,By giving me all you’ve got, you’re love has captured me.~~~~             

     Kagome ran up the stairs to the shrine as the sun started to set. She had been determined more than ever to get her schooling and had stayed late to do so ‘Oh Kami, I wonder if Inuyasha will be upset with me.’ That was all Kagome had on her mind as she barreled up the seemingly endless staircase. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Kagome made it to her home and took a much needed minute to breathe.           

     “Mom,” Kagome called from the doorway, “Are you home?” Kagome walked into her home and all of her tension sided. Her home was such a quaint and humble place and it resembled her mother to the finest. Kagome made her way to the kitchen, still in the trance of her home. She glanced over to the refrigerator. There on the freezer was a note:                       

Dear Kagome,                         

     Hey Baby! You left in such a rush this morning that I hadn’t had time to tell you, Souta had been begging Grandpa and I for months about a comic book convention. It has been a while since we’ve been out. We’ll be back in three days! I’m not worried, you have the best protection and company with you. Have lots of fun!! XOXOXO                                                                        Luvs you Lots, Mom           

     Kagome seemed a little confused. Who was she talking about, and what did she mean by have lots of fun? She hesitated, ‘No! She didn’t mean …’ Kagome was roused from her thoughts by a shuffling in the background. She jumped as something made the floor creek. Kagome tried to back up, but her sock was caught on some unknown object and she tripped back.           

     “W-whoa!” Kagome had planned to crash onto the floor, but instead she was caught by a mystery person. Kagome peered from where she landed. A pair of amber eyes stared back at her.           

     “I-Inuyasha?” Kagome asked flustered at the warmth coming from Inuyashas chest and the thought of her in his arms.           

     “No,” Inuyasha said sarcastically , “It’s Sesshoumaru dressed as the half-wit.” Inuyasha set Kagome back on her feet and turned her to face him. Inuyasha smirked a bit at the sight of Kagomes obvious blush.           

     “You are not a half- wit. Quit calling yourself such stupid names. Your birth name is Inuyasha, unless you’d rather be called different.” What she did next surprised them both. Kagome walked around Inuyasha, turned, grinning “Half-wit.”  She said chuckling to herself, ran up the stairs to her room, and closed the door with her back to it.            ‘W- what is this feeling-- breathe c‘mon breathe-- …nah it couldn’t be that. Love? Or could it? Oh Kami, what am I thinking, we are just friends.’ The two of them thought at the same times.           

     “Arg!!” Kagome yelled, “So Confused!” This was going to be a long three days. ( A.N. but tons of “fun!”)            

 ~~~~Over and over again, I try to tell myself that we could never be more than friends, but all the while inside I knew it was real, the way you make me feel. ~~~~ 

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