Wishing on a Star by cutelittleears

Kagome's looking up at the sky, thinking about wishes.

I also don’t own the lyrics used in this drabble.  They are owned by Disney and Jiminy Cricket.  The other song is owned and performed by LeAnn Rimes.

Written for the 'Star' prompt for IYFF Drabble Community at LJ. Word limit was 450 words. First Place tie.
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I don’t own InuYasha or any of the other characters.  They are the sole property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Chapter 1 by cutelittleears

Chapter 1 by cutelittleears
Author's Notes:
Stars and wishes.


Kagome was sitting at the crest of the hill, staring at the stars.  While looking she spotted the North Star.  I wonder if wishing on a star is safer than wishing on the jewel.  Little did she know, a dog-eared hanyou was watching her from a distance.  “Wait a minute.  That reminds me of a song”, she stated out loud.  She began singing some of the song she remembered from when she was little.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
And when you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

InuYasha was stunned by how beautifully she could sing.  He wondered if he could get her to sing again.  Creeping slowly up behind her, he heard her speak.

“Oh wish I may.  Wish I might.  Have this wish I wish tonight.”  Closing her eyes, I wish that InuYasha saw me as more than a shard detector.

“What did you wish for, wench?”

Kagome jumped at the sound of his voice.  She turned around to face him, “InuYasha you startled me.”  He snickered to himself.

“Just be happy I’m not some other demon or you’d be in trouble right now.”

“Yeah, I know.  I was just so focused on what I was thinking about.”

He walked over and sat down beside her, “So what were you gonna wish for?”

Blushing, “I can’t tell you or it won’t come true.”

“Come on, wench.  Can’t you tell me?  Please?” he gave his best puppy face.

“Fine.  I hate it when you use that face.”  He smiled at his accomplishment.  “I wished that you would see me as more than a shard detector.”

“I do see you as more, Kagome.  I love you, wench”, he leant forward and placed a kiss on her lips.  InuYasha pulled back from the kiss to see her with a smile and happy tears in her eyes.  She climbed into his lap and kissed him all the passion she had been holding in her body.  They explored each other’s mouths until they were breathless.

Panting and looking into his eyes, “I love you too, InuYasha.”

Smiling, he settled her more comfortably in his lap and wrapped his arms around her.  “Kagome, I heard you singing earlier.  Will you sing another song for me?”

“Of course”, she said smiling.  “This describes how I feel about you.”

But I do love you, But I do love you
Love everything about the way you’re loving me
The way you lay your head
Upon my shoulder when you sleep
And I love to kiss you in the rain
I love everything you do, oh I do

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