Finding the way by Maggie

It has been three years since Kagome last saw Inuyasha and the others from the fedual area. When the sacred jewel vanished, and the well closed, Kagome finished her last three years at school. While Kagome pours her feelings out by the well, a miracle happens. The well opens.

What has she missed in the three years she's been gone? Will Kagome and Inuyasha finally confess their feelings to each other? Read my own ending to the Inuyasha serie and find out !

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1. A miracle revealed by Maggie

2. Home, at last by Maggie

3. One step at the time by Maggie

4. Morning sun by Maggie

5. Daring to move by Maggie

A miracle revealed by Maggie
Author's Notes:
This is my very first fanfic that I have actually written and not just thought about writing. Like many other Inu-Kag fans after reading the final chapter I was disappointed. We were all expecting some sorta confession. But neither did we get a confession of love nor a kiss. So you can say that this is my ending like I'd like it to be ;)
                                                                                      A miracle revealed


Present time – Kagome’s POV

It’s been 3 years. 3 years since I last saw Inuyasha. I stare down into the darkness, into the well. This was the connection that made me able to travel through time. Of course the jewel also had something to do with it, but now that the sacred jewel doesn’t exist anymore I can’t go through it. It’s not like I haven’t tried, because I have. Just after Inuyasha disappeared in a flash, after bringing me home; I climbed down into the well. But no matter what I did; how much I cried and begged it wouldn’t open. Still after 3 years it hasn’t opened…

It’s kind of weird in a way. I’m done with school. No more tests to study for, no more math. For the last couple of years all I’ve done has been studying. At least if you don’t count in the shopping with Erie, Yuka and Ayume. I’ve even tried to date once, with Hojo actually. But it came as no surprise when I couldn’t enjoy myself together with him; because the image of Inuyasha never left my mind, nor did the memories with my friends in the feudal area. I simply couldn’t forget everything; it was clued to my memory. Even the memory of Kikyo and Inuyasha was in my thoughts. Still…, now it wasn’t for the sake of the pain and jealousy I felt, but for the memory itself. I simply just want to remember all of them. I smile when I think of Erika’s dog Inu; the name that I recommended. She got it 1 year ago, and I almost cried when I spotted him for the first time. He reminded me so much of Inuyasha, especially the soft furry ears that I adored so much. And that again reminds me of the first time I met him, under the sacred tree. He looked so peaceful and beautiful while he slept. Under teary eyes I sit on the well and look down at my feet.

Suddenly I hear someone calling for me; it has to be mom. “Kagome, Kagome, where are you?” she calls. “I’m here mom, inside the well house”. She opens the door and carefully she walks down the wooden stairs to where I’m sitting. “What are you doing here dear?” I don’t say very much for a while, but then I answer and break the silence. “Well…I kinda…” more I don’t get to say before she gives me a knowing smile and says what I’m not able to say for myself. “You were thinking of Inuyasha, weren’t you?” I sigh and look to my right side. My mom sits down next to me and the wooden well gives of a small squeak. “I thought as much” she says and gains my attention. She smiles at me and continues.  “I had kinda hoped that you would forget about him, but I probably always knew that you wouldn’t. Because no matter what you do, your loved-ones never leaves your heart”. My heart skips a beat and my eyes widen. “Is it that obvious?” I ask sadly. She gives me an assuring smile and puts one arm around my shoulder, and then pulls me closer. “You’ve always been a very emotionally girl Kagome, and you have never been very good at hiding your, have you?” I look down to my shoes and study the ground. “Inuyasha always told me that. He told me that I was just a stupid wench, not able to care of myself. And I always cried and…”, then I start to hulk uncontrollable.

I bring my hand up to my face and try to wipe away my tears. But it won’t stop, my tears just continue to flow and I whisper his name over and over again. My hands shake as they crab the wood I’m sitting on and I try to contain myself. Inuyasha, bring me back to you….I whisper in between my flow of tears. Then bright as the sun a pink glow starts to glow from a place behind me. My mom and I jump off the well, and slowly, and stunned I turn myself around to face the light. “I can’t believe it, I really can’t. The well…..” I catch my breath. “It’s open!”

Feudal area – Inuyasha’s POV

“Miroku, don’t you have a place to be?” Miroku slowly turns around from the beautiful lady in green and gives me his most charming smile, which I just find frightening. “Well, my dear Inuyasha, where would I rather be than right here where this beautiful lady is?” he says and turns back again. “Hey! Where did she go!? ” Where, where, where, Miroku mutters under his breath as he looks to all directions while looking incredibly stupid. “You never change” I think to myself. “What I meant was that, shouldn’t you be with Sango right now? I’m guessing that she is giving birth right now”. I pause before I look for Miroku, who has suddenly chosen to disappear. So much for “will you bear my children?” .When Sango is actually giving birth to his kid, he’s not there. ”

With the one he loves… With someone who loves him back….? No! No stupid thoughts of her! She’s gone, and that’s fact. I shouldn’t dwell over the past. I can sense Miroku come up behind me, breathing heavy, tired of running. He straightens himself up and brings a hand through his hair. “The beauty was obviously very shy” Miroku says confident. “Mmmm, obviously. Still, can you be sure that she didn’t just want to get away from some crazy perverted monk chasing her?” Miroku looks stunned. He puts up a charming smile as he says: “How can you even think such a thought Inuyasha?” Before I am about to give him a smart remark, my nose catch a familiar scent. No, it couldn’t be! But…, maybe… I just have to check it out. Faster than I’ve I thought was possible, I run.

Heavy breathing, I stop in front of the well. I’ve dreamt of this for 3 years, but now that I stand here inhaling the delicious intoxicating smell, I feel like leaving. What if I’m dreaming, that this is all in my head? She is not coming back, and nothing has changed. Right before I’m about to turn around, the wind blows on my face. Like destiny, the smell gets stronger. With the last bit of courage I have, I reach my hand into the well. I don’t have to wait long ‘til I can feel a feminine, soft hand grab it. I pull up my hand, and up from the dark well come a familiar face. It’s Kagome. Her hand tight in my own, I look into her teary chocolate brown eyes. Then as music to my ears, she whispers: “Inuyasha…, have you been waiting?” For the first time in 3 years, I really smile. I lift her down from the well and catch her in my arms. How I’ve longed to hold her like this. Finally, I’ve gotten my heart back to me...
Home, at last by Maggie

Normal POV

She felt his hands snug themselves around her waist. She smiled and reached her hands out to hold around him. Finally, after so long she was back with the person most dear to her. She had gotten teary eyes when she had arrived on the other side of the well, and when a familiar hand reached out, all she could think to herself was: it was fate! When he had pulled her up, she had gazed into his beautiful amber eyes and finally felt at home. Now that she was in his arms, close to him, she never wanted to let go of him. When he said “What have you been up to idiot?” she just smiled. Yes, this was the Inuyasha she knew.

They pulled apart, and for a few seconds they just looked into each other’s eyes. It seemed like they both searched for something in the eyes of their beloved. At the same moment they smiled. It seemed like they had found what they had been looking for. Kagome felt herself tug at his hakama, and just when she was about to remove her hand, she could feel Inuyasha’s hand tighten around her waist. Was this the moment she had been waiting for she thought. Was he finally going to kiss her? Not as Kikyo, but as Kagome? Kagome; with rosy cheeks and Inuyasha; with crimson red cheeks stared at each other. It seemed like Inuyasha was a bit unsure of what to do, but then he carefully pulled her a little bit closer.

Slowly, very slowly they both moved closer. Kagome closed her eyes in perfect bliss, and just when he was about to touch her lips with his own, they heard someone cry: “Kagome, Kagome!” They opened their eyes wide and jumped away from each other. They didn’t get the time to get embarrassed, because Shippo jumped down from the sky and right into Kagome’s arms. “Shippo!” Kagome cried with delight. “Is it really you Kagome!?” Kagome smiled a bright smile and hugged him like she would hug a plushie. “Yes, it’s me. And I’ve decided to stay here now, I won’t leave you anymore.” Inuyasha’s ears twitched by the statement and he couldn’t help, but to smile by the thought of Kagome not leaving anymore. “For real!? I’m so happy!!” the little kitsune cried delightfully. “You heard her, didn’t you dummy?” Inuyasha said arrogantly. Like it hadn’t meant the world to him too that Kagome had decided to stay. Automatic Kagome turned around, and was just about to test if she could still make him kiss the ground. But when she met his gaze, memories of what had almost happened minutes ago made her cheeks warm. Inuyasha’s cheeks turned a little red as well and he just mumbled a “keh!”  

Kagome was met with all the familiar faces and a few new ones. She was adored by the children of Miroku and Sango instantly. Sango and Miroku had been married and had just gotten twins. But one thing hadn’t changed much; that was Miroku’s womanizing, and Sango’s slapping. Though there was a little twist; Miroku hadn’t asked any woman to bear his children, he just asked them to marry him. Of course this honored him a slap from Sango and sometimes a knock on the head from Inuyasha. It felt so strange to be back with everyone, but it was good to see them all. She had lived most of her life at home in the present, but she had realized that she had another home, and that was in the feudal area. She thought about when the well had miraculous opened for her, and when she had to say goodbye to her home.  

“Kagome, it’s open” mom Higurashi said amazed. Kagome’s eyes lightened up with hope and she felt like crying again, but she didn’t want to meet them all while being a crybaby, so she swallowed her tears.  She was about to leap into the well like she had done so many times before, but then it stroke her. She put her left foot down on the ground while the other one was still on the well ready to go. She lowered her head in realization. “If I go, I won’t be able to come back” she said. “I know Kagome” her mom said. Kagome turned her head to face her mother, one of the persons closest to her heart. “Then why, why are you letting me go?” Mama Higurashi smiled the sweetest smile and said: “Because you belong there. I’ve had you in my life for 18 years dear. And I love you more than anything, but… There are others who love you as much as I do.” Kagome looked at her confused and said that she didn’t understand. “Inuyasha loves you, and you love him, she paused before she continued. “And because I love you, I can let you go”.

She had hugged her mom, said goodbye to the place she grew up in and jumped into the past where her future awaited her. It was now night-time and she was once again lying in the cottage with Shippo, Kaede and Inuyasha. She had almost fallen asleep when she felt a movement in the doorframe. She got up as quietly as she could and sneaked out the door. She walked a bit and tried to see in the darkness, but for the moment found her task hopeless. “Inuyasha, Inuyasha, is that you?” she whispered out into the shadows. Just when she was feeling a bit cold and maybe a bit scared she heard something behind her. She swung around just to face a couple of amber eyes staring at her dumb fondly. She jumped back startled and let a little yelp out. “Hey, what’s all the noise for wench?” Inuyasha asked annoyed. “Well I heard you go outside, and I thought I should ask you about something” Kagome said innocently. “Hmph, like what?” he answered in his usual Inuyasha-way. She hadn’t meant to say that she wanted to ask him about something, because she hadn’t just thought of the question, it had been something she had thought about 3 years ago. Still it was better late than never, right?“

"First I want to know if you’re going up in that tree you always sleep in” she demanded. Inuyasha thought she was acting strange today, and couldn’t get where this question came from. But it wasn’t every day you came back into the past 3 years after you had been left out of it, so he guessed that maybe it wasn’t so strange. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not” Inuyasha answered. A slightly annoyed look in Kagome’s eyes and one glance at his beads told him to be careful of what he said and he finally answered. “Yes, I am. Why’d you wanna know? Kagome inhaled air and let it out before she smiled her most charming smile and said: “Because I wanted to know if I could sleep beside you in the tree.” For a moment Inuyasha just stood there in shock. Never had she asked him such a thing, and never had he thought she would. She wanted to sleep beside him!? He looked at Kagome’s slightly worried eyes and decided he should give her an answer. “Keh, if you want to” he said and folded his hands in his sleeves. “Really!?” Kagome asked surprised. He just nodded and looked away with red cheeks.  

One step at the time by Maggie

They looked up at the tall tree and both said nothing for a while. “Inuyasha, is this the place?” Kagome asked. “Yeah” he simply answered. She turned around to face him, and he her. “Sure you don’t want to go back to the warm hut? I understand if that’s what you want. It’s very tall too, and if you’re afraid of heights I’d also understand” he said carefully. Kagome raised her eyebrows and looked a bit confused. She searched his eyes as she said: “Inuyasha, do you think I would have let you carry me if I was afraid of heights? I’ve never been afraid of heights, and you know that.” She looked for a minute a little disappointed, and then she forcefully said: “Is it just that you didn't want me to come along?” He saw how hurt she was and immediately regretted his use of words. Just because he didn’t know what to do when she was near him, he shouldn’t let it affect her. He bent his head down a little bit to get eye contact with her, as she was looking down, and looked at her serious. “If you want to sleep beside me, then it's okay, but only if that’s what you really want” he said. She looked at him to see if there was any trace of him lying, but when she found none she smiled and said: “I do”.

Carefully he slipped his arm around her timid waist and held her close. She caught her breath and hugged his neck. Then he leaped up into the branches. Afraid of falling, she held on for her dear life and she didn’t let go until she heard his voice say: “Kagome, it's okay. You can loosen your hold on me now, but don’t let go. She opened her eyes and found his mesmerizing eyes studying her. In a hoarse voice he asked her to hold tightly around his neck, and she did. Then surprisingly he lifted up her legs and held her bridal style. Carefully he sat down with her, and shifted her in his lap. Kagome couldn’t help, but feel like she was being dulled with like a porcelain doll, but at the moment, secure in his arms, she didn’t mind one bit. While she was occupied with her own thoughts he had laid her between his legs. He cautious looked down at her and asked: “Is this position alright with you?” She was well aware of the fact that they were sitting in a very intimate position, and in one way she wanted to get back to the hut, but in another way she had been separated from him for 3 years, and she really didn’t have much to lose, so she gave him a shy smile and carefully relaxed against his chest.

Inuyasha was caught a little off guard by her acceptance, but he decided to enjoy it. Because it wouldn’t last, would it? No, he decided not to think about it, right now all he had to think about was making her comfortable. “Ermm..Kagome? Can you lean forward a little bit?” he asked. She wondered why he wanted her to do that, but she did as she was asked to do. She felt him move a little bit, and that because she was in between his legs. She blushed at the thoughts that appeared in her mind. “You can lean back if you want to” he said. She closed her eyes and leaned back into his warmth. Then she suddenly felt something being laid over her body, and she opened her eyes to see Inuyasha lending her his hakama. He was so kind; maybe, only maybe, he had feelings for her after all…

A few minutes after, Kagome had snuggled closer into Inuyasha. And Inuyasha was trying to relax, but something was preventing him from doing so completely. And the reason was Kagome. She was so near him, he could inhale the smell of her hair, and feel her soft cheek against his chest. It was making his heart beat like crazy, and he was afraid that she could hear it too. He was surprised to feel Kagome lifting her head up from his chest to look at him. She just sighed and said: “Inuyasha….” By the way she was looking at him, it seemed like she was waiting for him to say something. “Kagome, I….I’ve really missed you.” Her delicate lips formed a gentle smile, a smile that was only for him he suddenly realized.

His face suddenly lightened up in a bright smile. “Come Kagome, I have to show you something!” he said. But then he pulled her up so fast on her feet that she lost her balance and fell, him with her. She screamed, but as if it was no big deal he caught her bridal style in the air and landed on the ground with her. Safe and sound he thought. Kagome was breathing hard, and she felt shaky. “You’re still as reckless as ever, huh, Kagome?” Inuyasha said while trying not to laugh. Of course, as fiery as Kagome was, yelled at him. “It was you who pulled me up so fast that I lost my balance you know! Don’t you dare to blame it on me baka!” Inuyasha was just about to argue with her when he remembered what he was going to show her. So for once in his life he swallowed his pride and just said: “keh!”  

He hadn’t been running with her for long till she caught a grin on his face. He stopped a little further than the well and set her down on her feet. “What’s going on Inuyasha?” she asked while raising her eyebrows. “Do you trust me?” he asked. “Well, yes, but…” she started before Inuyasha cut her off. “Then, close your eyes.” Kagome decided not to argue with him, and closed her eyes. She felt his hands in hers and him guiding her to wherever they were heading. She shivered when Inuyasha whispered dangerously close to her ear: “Open.” She opened her eyes, and the sight that met her was unbelievable.

In front of her, a couple of meters stood the most beautiful cherry blossom tree she had ever laid her eyes on. “I got one branch from Jineji 2 years ago when I visited him. He asked me if I could tell you if you ever came back, that it was a gift from both him…, and from me.” Kagome walked amusedly to the tree. It was glowing, almost like it was magical. If the tree was magic, she didn’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise her if it was; because it was truly magic in the air. She turned to face Inuyasha and walked with quick steps to him. She placed her hands on his chest and looked up with eyes shining like a thousand stars. Wow, Inuyasha thought; she was beautiful. Kagome’s eyes softened and her lips curved in a smile. Inuyasha watched Kagome’s hands slide upwards till they were on his shoulders. She continued to smile, and slid her arms around his neck. What was she doing he thought. Then he felt Kagome bring both of them closer. She closed her eyes and suddenly she kissed him.

He was paralyzed, unable to move an inch. He couldn’t believe that she was really kissing him of all people. Not Hobo (okay, Hojo) and not Kouga, but him! He felt her uncertainty, and as light as a butterfly’s touch he kissed her back. After a few heavenly seconds they pulled away from each other for air. Both blushing, they shyly smiled at each other.  

They stood in front of the tree again, and tried to take in what had just happened. Except from Kaguya’s castle, they’d kissed for the first time. After all of these years they had finally taken another step closer to confessing their feelings to each other. It had been terrible to be without him for 3 years without telling him that she loved him, and now was not really the time to be shy. She gazed up at Inuyasha ready to tell him her feelings, but when she saw his eyes she stayed silent. His eyes were entirely focused on the starry sky, and it seemed like not one thing could move his gaze. Kagome just stood there, looking at him, wondering what was on his mind. Was he thinking about the future, the past, Kikyo or maybe her and the kiss they had just shared? She didn’t know, but somehow she still hoped for him to tell her what was on his mind, and thereby finally letting her inside his heart.


Morning sun by Maggie
Author's Notes:
I'm sorry that this chapter was so short, but my inspiration was gone with the wind.

“Do you still want to sleep in the tree, or have you changed your mind?” he asked. Kagome sighed and looked at Inuyasha with a puzzled look in her eyes. “Sure you just don’t want to get rid of me Inuyasha?” Before Inuyasha was able to tell her that he didn’t mean it like that, he noticed the playfulness in her eyes. “Because you see Inuyasha...” Kagome started to say as she scooted closer to Inuyasha. With a smirk she said: “You ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily!” This caused Inuyasha to laugh, and while he gazed down at Kagome he simply said: “I wouldn’t dream of it wench!”

The next morning Inuyasha woke up feeling more content that he had felt in a long time. The reason for this was probably the miko in his arms, Kagome, who had returned at last. His features softened as he tightened his arms around her body. He felt her shift in his lap so her face, and not to mention her lips, were dangerously close to his own. Maybe he could? He flashed back to the night before, when those lips had been his for a few magical moments. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Kagome’s awakening. She turned and yawned in her sleep, slowly waking up to a new day. She opened her eyelids to peer up at who was staring at her. Surprised by seeing Inuyasha she jumped a little bit, but soon settled down after recalling the night before. Kagome unknowable wet her lips and looked up to see Inuyasha’s eyes staring at her lips. They both blushed when they recalled the night before and looked away. Then they heard voices calling their names. “It must be Sango and Miroku. We should probably get down to them”

They all sat in the hut, and ate breakfast. Kagome hadn’t eaten anything from the feudal area in a long time, so naturally when she sat face to face with a steamed snake-like demon, she felt repulsed. Reluctantly she lifted the “thing” up and took the first bite. Her opinion in the food had to be very obvious due to Miroku’s question. “Do you not like it Kagome-sama?” She’d noticed that in the room, she was the only one eating that particularly dish, if you could call that “thing” a dish. The others were eating an ordinary meal; rice and vegetables. Kagome figured that Miroku had probably prepared it especially for her because of her return. Not to hurt Miroku’s feelings, Kagome uttered a tiny lie. “No, I love it Miroku. It’s exquisite!” She ignored the salty, sickening taste that still lingered on her tongue. From the other side of the room Kagome suddenly heard Sango giggling. With a dumbfounded look on her face, Kagome turned to Miroku for an explanation. She didn’t feel much wiser by seeing Miroku trying to suppress a giggle as well. “What is it? Did I do something funny? Do I look funny?”

Miroku coughed, straightened himself up, and thus making a very serious face. “Kagome-sama, that food you’ve been eating, is not yours”. Kagome looked down at the snake and then up again to face Miroku. “What do you mean?” Miroku cleared his throat and continued. “Ermm…that food is Kirara’s. She’s been staring at you for the past minutes while you were eating her food. I must say she looked rather insulted” Kagome suddenly felt sick to her stomach. With one hand covering her mouth, and another one on her stomach, she ran out. With Kagome out of the room Sango, Shippo and Miroku burst out in laughter. “We are terrible. We shouldn’t be laughing about this” Miroku said in-between laughing. “You’re right. We’ll stop in a few minutes” Sango complied, still laughing on the floor. Inuyasha came in the door, looking very confused. “Hey guys! What’s going on?” They were all unable to give him an answer due to their laughing. Inuyasha decided to go after Kagome, and left the hut.

Inuyasha found Kagome by the spring washing her face. “Eh Kagome, what’s all the fuss about?” The taste of what she has just eaten made her stomach turn. She probably looked terrible at the moment, and just the thought of turning around to face Inuyasha or tell him what she’d eaten made her want to throw up. When she didn’t answer he got irritated. “Common Kagome, tell me!” Inuyasha looked puzzled at Kagome’s right hand, which was pressed to her stomach. Suddenly Kagome started to laugh, seeing the humor in all of it. “Okay, okay. I’ll tell you! But first you have to promise not to laugh” she said.

Inuyasha had promised her not to laugh, but still he here he was laughing like he had never done before. She wanted to sit him for breaking his promise, but she didn’t. All the time Kagome had known Inuyasha, she had never heard him laugh so much before. Especially after Kikyo’s death, he’d been very quiet and serious. Hearing him laughing like this, nether less of her, made her forget about why she had been at the spring in the first place. “I’m glad I amuse you Inuyasha” Kagome said teasing. In his usual way Inuyasha just said keh. “No, really Inuyasha, I’m glad I make you laugh” Inuyasha’s slightly red cheeks didn’t pass Kagome unnoticed, and she smiled. In the corner of his eye, Inuyasha saw Kagome smiling, and embarrassed as he was, he said: “What are you smiling for!?” Of course, this was Inuyasha they were talking about. Nothing could pass Inuyasha by, or at least he claimed so. She decided not to argue with him, and just gave him another brilliant smile. “Nothing much, I’m just really glad to be back”.

Daring to move by Maggie

As the day went on Kagome found herself realizing just about how much she has missed the feudal area. She found herself intrigued with the smell, the people, the harmony and the simple way of living. Before she had met Inuyasha this thought would have been completely out of the question! The thought of sleeping in a hut, or on the ground every night; unthinkable! Kagome sighed. Still…sleeping in the warm hut with someone watching over you, and laying underneath the starry sky next to a certain someone, wasn’t so bad. In fact, when she thought about it, it was pretty romantic. She couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t mind watching the stars beside a handsome boy, half-demon anyways. Inuyasha….. Just the thought made her cheeks glow red. Kagome turned around by the sound of her name and met compelling amber eyes. “Inuyasha” Kagome stammered, still thinking about her previous daydream. His right hand was suddenly on her forehead. Her face was red like a lobster’s Inuyasha wondered. Is she sick or something? “Are you getting sick Kagome, a fever maybe?” When Kagome’s face reddened again and she looked down he wondered; is she blushing? “You blushing Kagome?” Inuyasha asked curiously.  

There was nothing better he could have said to get her attention. For a moment he wondered if he should have just shut up. Of course this was a little bit too late to think now, something her stunned expression was a proof of. “ I-I….well…I” Kagome stammered nervously. Inuyasha had to restrain himself from laughing; her terrible stammering was incredible funny. “Well? I’m waiting Kagome” he said teasing her. He decided not to irritate her more, and kept his mouth shut. After all the prayer beans were still around his neck. Even though she had yet to use them, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t.  “I blushed! Okay!?” was what her outburst sounded like. “What for?” the always curious hanyou asked. She didn’t say anything, but put her hands on her hips. He knew this kind of position; it meant that she had decided to be stubborn. Like that was something new? Kagome has shown him from day one that if she put her mind to something, she wouldn’t let it go. It could be very irritating, especially when she refused to give up on one of their arguments. When he was obviously right, of course, stubborn wench….”Common, tell me! I wanna know!” he urged. After a several more of Inuyasha’s pleas, Kagome had yet to say something. He was just about to ask again, when he noticed the irritated frown. With an elegant (and not to mention very cruel) smirk, she simply said: Inuyasha….please SIT!  

That idiot! Why did he have to ask about it? Maybe she shouldn’t have sat him for it, but she couldn’t help it. It was a reflex, and what was she suppose to answer exactly? I was daydreaming about you Inuyasha, only you, like I’ve done for the past three years? Hah, as if that would ever happen! Technically that would be the same as asking him if he had done the same. Had he been dreaming about her? Unfortunately that kind of question wanted only one answer…. And she wasn’t sure that she would have gotten the one she wanted.  

Now where had she gone off to? What was it with her and running off so he couldn’t find her? That was so typical Kagome. He sniffed in the air, searching for her scent. As he moved closer to the well, the sweet smell of flowers invaded his nostrils. He’d once told her he hated her scent, but damn, that was quite a lie! As he moved closer to the tree he’d shown her earlier, her scent got stronger. “Kagome! What’s up with the hide and seek?” Inuyasha asked. With quick steps Inuyasha rounded the tree to where Kagome sat. With her chin in her arms, and distant eyes, she was apparently thinking. He quietly sat down on the branch of the tree. He didn’t say anything, but rather studied her features and wondering what she was thinking. 

Inside of her head, Kagome was thinking hard on what to say. Every time she thought she knew what to say, she changed her mind and kept her mouth closed. She turned her head to the side to look at Inuyasha, who looked adorable confused. That was Inuyasha, he was so dense. She smiled softly. The last time they had been there, she had made a move. One step closer to tell him how she felt about him. Close, but not close enough…. How did they always come to taking one step back, either because of their pride or their shyness? “Hey, Inuyasha?” she said breaking the silence. He relaxed his shoulders as he replied: “Yeah?” Kagome took a deep breath to steady her voice. “Do you still miss her?” was her question. “Who?” Inuyasha asked confused. “Kikyo”  

Her voice had cracked a little bit, and he could tell that it hadn’t been easy for her to ask about it. Kikyo was a subject neither of them talked much about, and when they did so, it always ended with him being sat. Why she sat him would remain a mystery. “Of course I do. She was…” Inuyasha paused and studied her face. “She was my first love, you know”. A tiny smile formed around the curves of her lips, and she nodded. “Yes, I know”. There was a little silence before she continued. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here. The past three years I mean”. The wind caught Inuyasha long mane as he swiftly moved from where he had been sitting to sitting on his knees in front of her. “You have nothing to be sorry for Kagome! Do you hear me!? Nothing!” he almost shouted. “Now I want you to repeat after me: I have nothing to be sorry for, and I will stop apologizing”. She giggled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear while she repeated his words. Inuyasha smirked and nodded as if he was pleased. When Inuyasha had fiercely ordered her to stop apologizing, he had taken her hands in his own. She could bet that he hadn’t taken notice of it yet. Her smile faded, and with a serious face she asked him. “Did you miss me?” 

Inuyasha was completely taken back by the question. She has asked so boldly, without any hesitation. Her posture was firm, and to anyone else she would look exactly that way, but not to him. She was nervous, and definitely holding her breath, like he could feel himself doing. He wanted to say “keh” and laugh it off, but there was something about her eyes that made suck it up. This was silly! He should just take it like a man, and tell her the truth. “Yes, I did” Inuyasha said quietly, almost like a whisper. Her face lit up and she smiled. “So is it true that you went to the well every third day?” she asked teasingly. “Wha-what, who told you that?” Inuyasha asked as if being caught in doing something naughty. When she didn’t answer, just giggled, he loosened up. “Maybe, maybe not” In one swift move, Kagome had glided down to the ground, next to Inuyasha looking up at him smiling. Kagome felt a little braver, and she decided to let him in on her secret. “At home, I went every second day”.  

Nothing could have shocked him more than what she had said. Not quite sure that he was doing it, Inuyasha leaned in closer. His amber eyes searched hers for lies, but when he didn’t find any, they grew softer. Nervously Inuyasha lifted his hand to Kagome’s cheek. His voice trembled, and all he managed to say was her name. “Kagome...” Delicate hands covered his own hands, and with gentle strokes she urged him to continue. This was it he thought. No turning back, this time it was all or nothing. “Kagome…I love you. Please stay with me?” He closed his eyes afraid of being rejected, but the sight that met him surprised him even more. She still held on to his hand, stroking it, and crying softly. Tears fell on his hand, and made it wet. “Kagome? I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?” Inuyasha asked worried. It was hard to make out what she said, but his sensitive ears picked up her hulking of words. He smiled, she had said: “No, you’ve never said anything so right before”. The moment after her lips had uttered the words, they were soft against Inuyasha’s. He could taste the passion in her kiss, and when she whispered the magical words in-between catching her breath, he had never felt happier. I love you, I love you, I love you so much Inuyasha. With one hand entwined in her hair, another around her timid waist, he held her close. This was their now, they both knew that neither would ever let go. Not now that they had found their way to each other.

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