Finding the way by Maggie

It has been three years since Kagome last saw Inuyasha and the others from the fedual area. When the sacred jewel vanished, and the well closed, Kagome finished her last three years at school. While Kagome pours her feelings out by the well, a miracle happens. The well opens.

What has she missed in the three years she's been gone? Will Kagome and Inuyasha finally confess their feelings to each other? Read my own ending to the Inuyasha serie and find out !

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Morning sun by Maggie
Author's Notes:
I'm sorry that this chapter was so short, but my inspiration was gone with the wind.

“Do you still want to sleep in the tree, or have you changed your mind?” he asked. Kagome sighed and looked at Inuyasha with a puzzled look in her eyes. “Sure you just don’t want to get rid of me Inuyasha?” Before Inuyasha was able to tell her that he didn’t mean it like that, he noticed the playfulness in her eyes. “Because you see Inuyasha...” Kagome started to say as she scooted closer to Inuyasha. With a smirk she said: “You ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily!” This caused Inuyasha to laugh, and while he gazed down at Kagome he simply said: “I wouldn’t dream of it wench!”

The next morning Inuyasha woke up feeling more content that he had felt in a long time. The reason for this was probably the miko in his arms, Kagome, who had returned at last. His features softened as he tightened his arms around her body. He felt her shift in his lap so her face, and not to mention her lips, were dangerously close to his own. Maybe he could? He flashed back to the night before, when those lips had been his for a few magical moments. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Kagome’s awakening. She turned and yawned in her sleep, slowly waking up to a new day. She opened her eyelids to peer up at who was staring at her. Surprised by seeing Inuyasha she jumped a little bit, but soon settled down after recalling the night before. Kagome unknowable wet her lips and looked up to see Inuyasha’s eyes staring at her lips. They both blushed when they recalled the night before and looked away. Then they heard voices calling their names. “It must be Sango and Miroku. We should probably get down to them”

They all sat in the hut, and ate breakfast. Kagome hadn’t eaten anything from the feudal area in a long time, so naturally when she sat face to face with a steamed snake-like demon, she felt repulsed. Reluctantly she lifted the “thing” up and took the first bite. Her opinion in the food had to be very obvious due to Miroku’s question. “Do you not like it Kagome-sama?” She’d noticed that in the room, she was the only one eating that particularly dish, if you could call that “thing” a dish. The others were eating an ordinary meal; rice and vegetables. Kagome figured that Miroku had probably prepared it especially for her because of her return. Not to hurt Miroku’s feelings, Kagome uttered a tiny lie. “No, I love it Miroku. It’s exquisite!” She ignored the salty, sickening taste that still lingered on her tongue. From the other side of the room Kagome suddenly heard Sango giggling. With a dumbfounded look on her face, Kagome turned to Miroku for an explanation. She didn’t feel much wiser by seeing Miroku trying to suppress a giggle as well. “What is it? Did I do something funny? Do I look funny?”

Miroku coughed, straightened himself up, and thus making a very serious face. “Kagome-sama, that food you’ve been eating, is not yours”. Kagome looked down at the snake and then up again to face Miroku. “What do you mean?” Miroku cleared his throat and continued. “Ermm…that food is Kirara’s. She’s been staring at you for the past minutes while you were eating her food. I must say she looked rather insulted” Kagome suddenly felt sick to her stomach. With one hand covering her mouth, and another one on her stomach, she ran out. With Kagome out of the room Sango, Shippo and Miroku burst out in laughter. “We are terrible. We shouldn’t be laughing about this” Miroku said in-between laughing. “You’re right. We’ll stop in a few minutes” Sango complied, still laughing on the floor. Inuyasha came in the door, looking very confused. “Hey guys! What’s going on?” They were all unable to give him an answer due to their laughing. Inuyasha decided to go after Kagome, and left the hut.

Inuyasha found Kagome by the spring washing her face. “Eh Kagome, what’s all the fuss about?” The taste of what she has just eaten made her stomach turn. She probably looked terrible at the moment, and just the thought of turning around to face Inuyasha or tell him what she’d eaten made her want to throw up. When she didn’t answer he got irritated. “Common Kagome, tell me!” Inuyasha looked puzzled at Kagome’s right hand, which was pressed to her stomach. Suddenly Kagome started to laugh, seeing the humor in all of it. “Okay, okay. I’ll tell you! But first you have to promise not to laugh” she said.

Inuyasha had promised her not to laugh, but still he here he was laughing like he had never done before. She wanted to sit him for breaking his promise, but she didn’t. All the time Kagome had known Inuyasha, she had never heard him laugh so much before. Especially after Kikyo’s death, he’d been very quiet and serious. Hearing him laughing like this, nether less of her, made her forget about why she had been at the spring in the first place. “I’m glad I amuse you Inuyasha” Kagome said teasing. In his usual way Inuyasha just said keh. “No, really Inuyasha, I’m glad I make you laugh” Inuyasha’s slightly red cheeks didn’t pass Kagome unnoticed, and she smiled. In the corner of his eye, Inuyasha saw Kagome smiling, and embarrassed as he was, he said: “What are you smiling for!?” Of course, this was Inuyasha they were talking about. Nothing could pass Inuyasha by, or at least he claimed so. She decided not to argue with him, and just gave him another brilliant smile. “Nothing much, I’m just really glad to be back”.

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