In The Rough by kmoaton
Summary: Sometimes you have to look a little deeper to understand someone's heart.
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Series: The Shape Of Things To Come
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1. Chapter 1 by kmoaton

Chapter 1 by kmoaton
Author's Notes:
Written for atfirsttweak Love takes Shape challenge - Shape used - Diamond

Kagome was simultaneously angry and sad. She and Inuyasha had argued again about the fact that she wanted to come home for a test. She hated fighting with him but it seemed the closer they got to finally defeating Naraku, the harder it became to find time to go home. In the midst of their argument, Inuyasha suddenly went silent. Kagome stopped talking, surprised he was quiet.


Inuyasha looked at her, his eyes sad and his normally perky ears drooping.

“Leave, Kagome. Go on home. Everyone leaves me anyway.”

Before she could respond, Inuyasha took off into the woods, leaving everyone gaping with shock. Kagome could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn’t understand what had just happened. Miroku was the first to break the silence.

“I’ll go find him. Go home and rest.”

Kagome sighed. Grabbing her backpack, she began a sad walk to the well. Sango accompanied her, neither girl talking during the short trip. Once they reached the well, Sango gave her friend a hug.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Kagome gave a sad smile. “That’s what I’m supposed to say.”

Sango returned the smile. “Trust me.”

Kagome returned the hug and jumped into the well.


Kagome spent a lot of time trying to understand Inuyasha. He was unlike any guy she knew and so unlike any guy she could have envisioned herself falling for. He could be foul-tempered, pouty and inconsiderate, yet he was the most caring, gentle person she’d met. He was willing to protect her with his life and he was happy if she was happy. At some point he had become everything to her and she couldn’t imagine her life without him by her side.

Sitting across from Mama, Kagome finally gave in to the tears. Over udon and tea, she told Mama about the argument and Inuyasha's strange reaction. Mama listened to it all. Once Kagome stopped talking and the tears had finally ceased, she offered her advice. Pulling a book from the shelf, she turned to the pictures of diamonds. Kagome was confused.

“These are beautiful, mama, but what does this mean?”

Mama gave a mysterious smile. “The diamonds you see here didn’t come like that. They were rough stones with no shape or form. They are often called ‘diamonds in the rough.’ They needed a little polish and a little shaping but you could see their potential. The change didn’t happen overnight, it took time but soon they are beautiful and beloved.”

Closing the book, Mama stood from the table.

“You are tired. I say get some rest and things might be a bit clearer in the morning.”

Kagome frowned but couldn’t argue. She was tired and realized she was missing something in the story Mama just told. Maybe in the morning her thoughts would be clear.


The next morning, Kagome woke up to find Inuyasha sitting on the floor under the window. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and returned his even gaze.

“I’m glad you came for me.”

Inuyasha only responded with “feh” and blushed a bright red. Realizing he wasn’t going to say much, Kagome decided to ask questions and force him to talk.

“Was everyone ok after I left?”

Inuyasha continued to stare at her then he finally responded. “They were fine.”

Kagome smiled. “That’s good.” Taking a deep breath she finally asked the question that haunted her dreams last night. “Why did you tell me to leave?”

Inuyasha sighed, blushing anew. He was silent for so long that Kagome thought he was ignoring her question. Finally, however, he spoke.

“Every woman, I've ever loved has left me. I realized while we were arguing that you’d be safe here in your time. So I decided to stop arguing. I figured if you got mad enough you’d leave and stay at home.”

Kagome could feel her heart begin to swell. “But wouldn’t you miss me?”

Inuyasha gave a blushing smile. “Yea, but you’d be safe.”

Kagome went over and hugged him. “Baka. When I’m with you I’m happy and I’m safe. I promised to stay by your side and I meant it.”

Inuyasha smiled and retuned the hug. Before anything else could be said, Mama called Kagome down for breakfast. Standing up, she looked down at Inuyasha.

“You are joining us, right?”

Inuyasha hurried to his feet. Kagome laughed as he followed her down the stairs.


Kagome had to smile as she watched Mama and Souta fuss over Inuyasha as they ate breakfast. Inuyasha acted as if it didn’t matter but the faint blush on his cheeks and the smile on his face belied his words. Kagome could tell he was truly happy. Suddenly what Mama had said the night before came back to Kagome’s thoughts and she could understand.

Inuyasha was that diamond in the rough. He was brash and crude with a good heart. All his life, he had been mistreated but he still retained his humanity. He was noble and strong and while he would always be rough around the edges, in his core, he was a polished gem. Kagome smiled and Inuyasha returned her smile.

“Mama was right. He is beloved. He’s my beloved.”

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