Legacy by Roxotaku
Summary: Written for the "Ink" prompt at firsttweak on LJ. Post manga canon. Kagome decides to leave a record of her life in the Feudal Era after her return there, for her family in the future.
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InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and her publishers, and I don't write this story for profit, just for pleasure.

1. Chapter 1 Legacy by Roxotaku

Chapter 1 Legacy by Roxotaku

Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and I make no money from this story.


Title: Legacy
Author: Roxotaku
Genre: Post Manga Canon WAFF
Rating: G
Word Count: 409



Kagome carefully set the scroll down on the floor of the living area of their house. Next to it she placed her ink pot, and then picked up her brush. She bit the end thoughtfully, and sat down cross legged. There was so much to say, and she wanted to phrase it just right.


There was the sound of the door mat opening, and sunlight briefly lit up the floor of the room. Kagome looked up to see her husband, carrying their toddler Michiko, enter the room. She smiled at them warmly, as they regarded her curiously with matching golden eyes.


“What are you up to?” InuYasha asked.


“Well, I decided to record our life here,” Kagome said slowly. “I am going to leave a record.”


“Hmph,” InuYasha snorted thoughtfully. “Who is going to read it?”


In his arms, two year old Michiko began to squirm. He adjusted her against his hip, and held her tighter. Her lower lip stuck out in a pout, and she gave her father a look of reproach.


“Papa down!” Michiko demanded, balling her small, clawed fists.


InuYasha put Michiko down and went to stand over Kagome, arms crossed.


“Since we have no idea how long our future will be,” Kagome said. “I thought I would leave something to be delivered to my family in the future, to let them know what happened to us.”


At her words, InuYasha relaxed his arms, his expression thoughtful and slightly sad. Biting her lip, Kagome stood up and put her hand on his arm, her face earnest with concern.


“What’s the matter, you don’t approve?” Kagome said softly.


InuYasha shook his head, and gave her a rueful smile.


“It’s not that,” InuYasha said. “I guess I just never thought about what your family may be thinking about you, now that you are gone.”


“Don’t worry,” Kagome answered with a smile. “They knew in their hearts I belonged here, with you.”


Suddenly they heard a crash, a roll, and a childish laugh. Looking over they saw that Michiko had spilled the ink pot and put her hands in it. Before they could stop her, she stumbled as she stood up – and landed with her little, ink-blackened hands on the paper. She stood up grinning, perfect prints left in the page.


“Mama, Papa look!” Michiko squealed in delight. “I made hands!”


InuYasha and Kagome laughed.


“Looks like our daughter has her own legacy to leave,” InuYasha said, and smiled.


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