Kagome's Bad Dream by Ayamegusa
Summary: One night, Kagome has a dream...
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Story Notes:
The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko

1. Chapter 1 by Ayamegusa

Chapter 1 by Ayamegusa

Characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko



Kagome’s Bad Dream

Kagome’s hands clutched at her shoulders as she shivered with cold. Everything around her was covered in a blanket of darkness, a darkness that she could not run away from. No matter how hard she ran, or how far, she knew she had not moved from this spot. Or, at least that was what she thought.

She called out for help, but her voice only echoed harshly around her until it faded into nothingness. Shutting her eyes in attempts to block out the emptiness around her, she couldn’t help the growing realisation of how small she really was, compared to the vast space surrounding her tiny figure.

A shiver went through her body as her mind too, began to fade, weakened by thoughts of how lonely it was to be in this world, where she could see no one, hear no one, and where no one could run in and rescue her.

Inuyasha...? She whimpered, remembering the hanyou dressed in red and flowing snow-white hair. How she wanted nothing more than to be in his warm arms, to listen to his soft words filled with warmth and courage.

A small smile graced her features, however it was short lived when she heard someone laughing.

It was a cruel, cold laugh, faint at first, but grew increasingly louder with every beat of the miko’s heart. As if to add to the horrid joke, Kagome found her legs could not move, and she was forced to stand still, listening to his laughter, coming closer, closer, until she met his face.

His face was young, his eyes were red, and the smirk on his face was like a knife to her neck. A pale hand rose up as he combed it easily through his black wavy hair.

“Kagome,” he spoke, his voice like ice. “Now I have you where I want you.”

“Naraku.” She managed to say despite her fear.

The dark hanyou grinned, holding up a container to her nose. “Look.”

Kagome looked.

It was a white container, shaped like a noodle cup. Yet that was not what made her eyes grow wide. For inside the instant ramen cup, she could see that it was filled with many small, long, slimy bodies of worms, writing about. She also saw how Naraku took a pair of chopsticks, stirred them around the concoction, and picked up a whole bundle of worms, only to pop them into his mouth with a satisfied slurp.

“This is my favourite flavour. Care to try it?” He offered, bringing another mouthful towards her lips.

Kagome woke up with a horrid gasp.



The rest of the day passed by without incident, and the dream from last night was completely forgotten. That was until they settled down for dinner of fish and mushrooms that she began to sweat with nervousness, especially when Inuyasha asked if she could cook some ramen for him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, looking concerned when she handed him the cup with shaky hands. “Are you hungry? You can have some of my ramen.”

She stared at him, and at the cup in his hands, the memory of Naraku’s Worm Noodles playing vividly in her mind. Worms... worms... Why, Naraku...?

“Uh... No thanks, Inuyasha.”

The End.




End Notes:
If I made you lose your appetite, you're welcome! :)
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