Scars of the Heart by fallenangel7583
Summary: Kagome finds herself at the bottom of her well.
Categories: Myths Characters: Kagome
Genres: Angst
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Scars of the Heart by fallenangel7583
Author's Notes:
Look, i made a drabble! ^__^

hey, i don't moonlight under rumiko's name...wish i did, but that would be odd. i don't make money from this...and that just sucks.
~~ Scars of the Heart ~~

“Kagome…Kagome, are you all right?”

That voice…the innocent tone of a rebuking child, horrified by some unknown terror. It was dark…when had it gotten so dark? Had they killed him? Kagome could only remember the world around her exploding in a vivid white light, and clawed hands that wrapped around her shoulders, dragging her into a warm chest. Had Naraku finally perished? What of the Shikon no Tama?

“Kagome, I’m calling for help! Don’t move; you might hurt yourself more!”

Kagome ignored the warning, despite the tumultuous pounding that nearly deafened her. Gathering herself to her five foot two glory, the girl of the future slowly gazed around her narrow confines. ‘The well house,’ she thought idly as she touched the side of the ancient wood. Had she ever stood at the bottom without passing through that thin barrier of time?

Her face grew ashen amidst the darkness. ‘InuYasha?’ How had she returned to her time…and where was her silver haired hanyou?

The world exploded in color as she turned to where she had installed the ladder. Grasping in the dark, her hand grappled at thin air. There was no ladder. What cruel joke was Souta playing on her today?

A tiny light assaulted her eyes, momentarily blinding her from her hazy state of consciousness. The voice followed a moment later, the terror still lacing his words like cyanide. “Stay still, Kagome. Grandpa is getting a rope!” There was a hesitation, a pregnant pause that crushed both its innocent victims like a titan among mortals. “A-a-are you okay?”

Kagome blinked once, then again. “I’m…” Shading her eyes from that infernal light, she hastened her reply, “I’m fine. I don’t understand though…have you seen InuYasha?” Her bones felt like they were swimming in her skin, her eyes burning with a headache she couldnt' fathom.

There was no immediate reply, and a cold chill swept through her bones. “Souta? What’s going on?”

Again, there was only an awkward silence that was slowly beginning to grate on Kagome’s sanity.

“Who’s InuYasha?”

Kagome balked for a moment before an ironic laughed tumbled from her lips. Her right hand slipped under her shirt, grasping her left hip where Lady Centipede had ripped the jewel from her body. There was no blemish…no abrasion. There was no ladder, there was no time slip…there was no jewel of four souls. Kagome felt her heart give a painful thump against her breast, attempting to escape the ensuing heartache. There was no silver haired Adonis waiting for her on the other side of the well with a smirk on his face and a sparkle in his cognac eyes.

The girl of who had fallen down the well and defied time had been a daydream.

There was no scar.

At least, that was, no visible one.

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