Song In My Heart by RandomReader504

I've been a fan of Ace of Base for years, but I don't think I've seen any InuYasha fics w/ their songs. Could someone change that for me?

Owning a dvd or a cd does not give me the right to claim I own InuYasha or any Ace of Base songs, only the right to watch, listen & enjoy them.

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Share the Music by RandomReader504
Author's Notes:
This is my first post in fanfic world, besides the very few reviews I've done.  Sadly, I'm nervous about posting this dare. (Or posting in general.)

AU or Canon: Either, BUT cannot be so AU that if all names were replaced with "character 1" "character 2" etc., you could not tell who was supposed to be who. (Sadly some fics I've read, on other sites, were this far gone.)
Rating:  any
Length (whether by chap or words): any
Genre: Definitely Songfic, No x-over, Encouraged but not limited to: romance, hentai, angst (in any combinations)
Rules: A song by Ace of Base must be clearly the inspiration behind the story (May or may not be mention in the story) May be a one-shot or multiple chapters, each with their own song. Transition chapters are alright, but at no point should there be more of them then song chapters. For example a chapter with "Experience Pearls" would probably need something to come between it and a "Don't Turn Around" chapter.
Even though most of the songs are from a female's perspective, don't let that limit you. One possibility of this that I can see is "The Sign" from an InuYasha to Kikyou perspective. (Hhmmmm....can Kagome be a sign? lol)
Have fun & surprise me! If you want to use any of the examples (or titles), go for it.  If not thats great too, there's lots of songs to choose from. :)
Deadline: my birthday, 11/22

End Notes:

Thank you for even reading this. You're my hero if you actually answer the dare.

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