Spring Dance by Uhsaw
Summary: **Runner Up Eternally Destined Spring Love Contest**
Kagome is given the honor of being presented to society as the last Available. Once she walks, all she has to do is find her chosen and say yes. Simple right?
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Just Say Yes by Uhsaw
Author's Notes:

First contest I enter and I get runner up. Very exciting. This story actually ended up being sort of cheesy, but I like it nonetheless. =D

With a final touch to her makeup, Kagome backed away from the mirror and smiled at the final product. Her and her best friend Sango had been working on her image all afternoon, and she was more than pleased with the results.

“KAGOME!” Souta could be heard pounding on the stairs as he ran to her room. “MOM SAYS YOU BETTER HURRY OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE…….late…….” all thoughts of harassing his sister vanished when he saw her.

Spinning in the direction of the door when it slammed open, Kagome smiled softly when she saw her brother was staring at her with his mouth hanging open. “How do I look Souta?” she nearly whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

“I…..you……uh……” stammering Souta turned red as he looked at his sister. She was wearing a beautiful blue strapless ball gown with white cherry blossoms that spiraled down the front, and a thin white lace top covered the top half of her dress. Her hair had been curled in tight ringlets, pieces of her hair left lose from the elegant twist that her hair was in, and her makeup was minimal, with her lips sporting a soft pink lip gloss and her cheeks an attractive flush. Clearing his throat and straightening his back, Souta tried again. “You look great sis.”

Visibly relaxing, Kagome smiled brightly at her brother. “Thank you. Shall we go to the dance Sango?”

Sango stood up from her bed then and looped her arm with her best friend’s arm. “Absolutely. We wouldn’t want to keep them waiting for the guest of honor now would we?”

Kagome turned a bright red as her friend laughed at her. After her mother took an inordinate amount of pictures of the girls in front of the Goshinboku, she finally drove the young women to the dance at their high school.

The spring formal was arranged to be held in the school courtyard where the cherry blossom trees were. The dance was always held in late spring, when the trees were in full bloom. Simple paper lanterns were weaved into a few of the branches, creating an atmosphere that would only improve as the afternoon waned into nighttime.

Kagome and Sango stood at the bottom of the stairs and waved to Kagome’s mother as she drove away. Taking a deep breath to try to relax, Kagome looked up the stairs with wide eyes. “Sango?”

Sango squeezed her hand in an effort to get her to calm down. “Yes Kagome?”

“I can’t do this.”

Sango sighed and spun her friend so that she could look in her eyes. “Yes you can Kagome. You just had your birthday last week and are officially the age to mate. There may be other girls here tonight but you are the main attraction. With all the attention you were getting before you were of age, tonight will be amazing. All you have to do is look at the one that I know you want and say yes. I was nervous too but you’ll be fine!”

“But…..but what if he doesn’t ask Sango? He likes her too! He could have anyone he wants. What do I have to offer that she doesn’t!? She’s gorgeous and trained to use her powers and….”

“And a total bitch. Kagome. Don’t you see!? That’s why you are so popular. You are naturally beautiful, and your heart is so big everyone can’t help but love you! Your ability to love opens you up to BE loved. Now breathe. They’re going to be presenting this year’s Availables soon so we better hurry!” Sango was pulling Kagome’s arm as she ran up the stairs before she even finished her pep talk. Kagome was going to be the last one presented tonight, the highest honor. She beat out the full demonesses hands down and would be the first human to hold that place in line.

Standing behind the curtain, Kagome swore that every demon in the area could smell her nerves. ‘Be confident Kagome. I can do this. Confidence. Confidence……’ wringing her hands, she hoped that she could convince herself to relax.

“…..Kikyou! A very strong miko, she has been training since she was six years old. Her power rivals those that train their whole lives. She says her dream is to just be treated like a normal person, get mated and have a family. Again, Kikyou!”

Kagome could barely stand. She knew that after a few demonesses, it would be her turn to walk across stage. Then she remembered why she was going through all of this. She really loved him and couldn’t imagine life without him. She knew that if he wanted to ask her to be his mate that she would have to endure being presented to society as an Available. She just hoped that he would find him soon in the crowd and ask her so that she wouldn’t have to spend the entire night fighting off would-be mates. Sighing, she rolled her eyes, knowing that everyone thought she was naive. Of course she knew how the male community appeared to view her. She generally tried to ignore it but some demons just don’t take a hint well. After her presentation, she knew that she would be turning down several demons right off the bat. They weren’t exactly known for their patience, and would jump at the opportunity to mate her the second she walked off the stage.

“Higurashi-sama it’s your turn next.”

Kaede, the schools headmaster, tore Kagome from her thoughts. Tentatively reaching for the kind old woman’s outstretched hand, Kagome took another deep breath. Kaede pated Kagome’s hand lovingly. “You’ll do just fine Kagome. I believe that you will make the right decision.”

Kagome stood on the presenting stage and could vaguely hear the announcer singing her praise over her racing heartbeat. A slight scowl appeared on her face. She never liked talking about herself and hearing the announcer talking about her like she was the best thing to happen on earth didn’t sit well in her stomach. The curtains began to part and she schooled her face to her signature smile. Lights shined in her face the second the curtains opened all the way, and she blinked her eyes trying to clear the dots that clouded her vision.

Silence rang in her ears. Deafening silence.

The announcer continued to talk about her “attributes” as Kagome’s legs carried her across the stage in the pattern that they had been practicing for weeks. ‘Why are they so quiet?.....’ Panic set in her heart and she began questioning everything that was within her power. Her eyes were scanning the large crowd in an attempt to find him. His eyes would calm her. ‘Where is he?!.......’

Her eyes were drawn upwards into the trees in the courtyard and her legs faltered the instant she saw him standing there. Her heart skipped a beat when his golden eyes locked with her brown ones, and all of her doubts melted. His silver hair floated around him, and his red haori made him stand out in the setting sun. A smirk appeared at the corner of his lips and Kagome had to remind herself how to breathe. ‘In and out. In and out. Oh. I think I’m done?’ Kagome shook her head and tried to focus on her surroundings. It would seem that the crowd was waiting for her to return to them because the second she broke eye contact with him, the crowd erupted into loud cheering. Wincing slightly, Kagome wondered how the demons in the crowd still had their hearing after the cheering like that. ‘I’m human and that hurt me!’

Kaede chuckled and assisted Kagome down from the stage. “Good luck, young one.” she whispered in her ear.

Kagome whipped her head in the direction of the headmaster. “Good luck? Why are you wishing me…….”

The young miko wasn’t able to finish her question before a swarm of would-be admirers pushed their way to the front of the line. “Kagome! Over here!” “Kagome! KAGOME!” “BE MY MATE KAGOME!” Kagome shook her head softly and once again searched the crowd for her chosen, frowning when she couldn’t find him.

“You know. My woman shouldn’t be frowning like that. You look so much more beautiful when you are smiling.” Kagome found her hands between two larger hands of a wolf demon. Sighing, she closed her eyes and tried to will the thick headed male away from her so that she can search the crowd for the one that she wanted. When she opened her eyes and saw that the demon hadn’t disappeared, Kagome knew that he was going to need to be told flat out that she was not interested.

“Hi Kouga.”

A smile that Kagome was sure warmed his way into other women’s heart found its way to his mouth. His shinning blue eyes were piercing into her brown eyes, and Kagome was forced to admit to herself that he was handsome. “So. Is my woman ready to become my mate? I’ve been waiting to do this for such a long time Kagome.”

“Kouga….” She had given this speech to him many times before, and she could only hope that he would actually listen to what she had to say this time. “I’m not your woman. I don’t want to be your mate.”

Kouga took a step backwards then and dropped her hands. Shrugging his shoulders he looked at her, heartbroken and more than a little sad. “I know.”

Opening and closing her mouth in an impressive imitation of a fish, Kagome was struggling to find her voice. “You…..You know?!”

“Of course I know. You’ve told me more times than I could count. I just…..I guess I thought that if I kept chasing you, I could make you fall in love with me. And you look so beautiful tonight, I just had to ask you.”

Kagome’s cheeks turned a bright red and she found the ground extremely interesting when he finished talking. Her chin was forced up by Kouga’s hand, and he looked at her with a frown. “I’m not happy that you chose him. However, I respect your decision. But if the mutt treats you bad, even for a second, you let me know and I’ll kick his ass.”

“Uh okay Kouga.” Backing away slowly from the wolf demon, Kagome turned on her heel and tried to push her way through the crowd surrounding her as politely as possible. “Ah no thank you. No I don’t want to be your mate. Thank you but I’m going to have to say no.” She tried to answer all of the males that had surrounded her, telling each and every one of them that she did not want to be their mate.

Finally seeing the end of the crowd, Kagome let out a large sigh of relief. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, she noticed that it was dark now and the lanterns in the trees were bright and shinning. ‘How long was I in that crowd telling them ‘no.’?’ she couldn’t help but wonder as her eyes scanned the crowd looking for the unmistakable ears and hair of her chosen.

Silver flashed in the corner of her eyes and Kagome could feel her heart rate accelerate rapidly. She noticed that he was talking to someone, but she couldn’t see the other person and assumed it was one of his guy friends. “INUYA…sha…..” The crowd had parted and her scream turned into a whisper when she saw the person he was apparently in a deep conversation with. It was her. Kikyo. Kagome knew that he had heard her. His ears on his head swiveled in her direction. But as he began turning to confront her, Kikyo grabbed Inuyasha’s shoulders, spun him to face her again, and kissed him hard on the lips. Kagome could see the glare that Kikyo was sending in her direction and she took a step backwards. Before the seemingly passionate kiss ended, Kagome turned and ran away, not caring where she went but knowing that she needed to get away.

InuYasha could feel his demon side pushing to the surface when he heard her voice. His chosen. His future mate. Kagome. He had been waiting all night to ask her but being a hanyou meant that he had to wait for all of the full blooded demons to ask their chosen first. ‘At least I’m above the humans…..’ Inuyasha thought bitterly, knowing that there were human males that also wanted Kagome as their mate. More than a little excited, he completely ignored the fact that he was in the middle of a conversation with the woman in front of him, and began turning to greet his Kagome. He was taken off guard when the woman in front of him roughly grabbed his shoulders and forced her mouth on top of his. ‘What?.......’ It took a growl from his demon side for him to snap out of it and he pushed her away.

“What the fuck Kikyo!? I just told you that I wasn’t going to ask you to be my mate because my chosen is Kagome. Why the hell did you kiss me??” InuYasha vaguely wondered if his eyes were red or if there were stripes on his cheeks.

Kikyo smirked. “I bet she says no now that she saw you kissing me. Besides, you’re a hanyou. You really think I wanted you as my mate? I just like pissing her off. She bugs me. She’s just a cheap imitation of me anyways.”

InuYasha knew for certain now. The answer was yes. His eyes were indeed red. Snarling, he barely refrained from tearing into the miko in front of him with his elongated claws. “Get. Away. From. Me.” he managed to force out between his clenched teeth.

Sango heard Kikyo insult her friend and InuYasha’s chosen as she walked by the couple. Her hand flew out and she slapped Kikyo across the face, and was fully prepared to continue her assault before a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach and she felt a warm kiss on the mark on her neck.

“She isn’t worth it.” Miroku whispered in her ears. Satisfied that his mate wouldn’t attack again, he turned to the hanyou turned demon. “Go InuYasha.”

A curt nod and a glare at the shocked miko was all he saw before he vanished as a streak of silver and red into the night.

Kagome wasn’t sure how she had ended up in front of the Goshinboku. She was just glad that her family was gone for the night. Running her hand down the scar on the front of the tree, a single tear escaped her closed eyes and began falling down her face. Gasping, her eyes flew open when she found herself in a tight embrace.


His name was so quiet that even he had to strain to hear it. Sighing, he pulled her back so that he could look into her eyes. He gently wiped the tear away from her face before pushing his nose into the hollow of her neck and breathing in the scent that was entirely her own.

“Kagome. Kagome. I’m so sorry that you had to see that.”

A snort from the woman in front of him was his answer. “Why are you here InuYasha?”

InuYasha forced her to look into his eyes and she was awestruck by the emotions she saw in the golden depths.

“Kagome.” Trying not to smirk at her visible shiver when he said her name, he pressed forward. “Be my mate.”

Her brow creased and she looked away from him when he finished. “I….I don’t understand. I thought you chose…..her.”

“No. She forced herself on me to make you jealous. Kagome, you have to know how I feel about you. You’re my chosen. I want to make you mine. Will you give up your status as the year’s last Available and be my mate?”

Kagome swore that the world had stopped spinning. If lightning struck her, should a meteorite fall to the Earth and kill all life, she would at least die at peace with her life. With tears in her eyes, Kagome nodded her head vigorously, not trusting her voice to get the job done.

InuYasha smiled and gently rubbed the tears from her eyes. “You have no idea how happy that makes me Kagome.” Leaning forward then, he caught her lips in a soft, tender kiss before kissing his way over to her neck, his fangs elongating as his demon half began to take over in anticipation of claiming its chosen.

“Are you ready?”

At her nod, he suck his fangs into her neck, marking her forever as his and his alone. The now mated couple sat down in front of the Goshinboku and held on to each other, as the cherry blossoms fluttered across the courtyard and the spring full moon shined down on them.

“I love you InuYasha.”
“I love you too Kagome.”

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