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By becoming a member of this site, you agree to free its owner, administrators, and moderators of any and all responsibility for what you choose to view, as adult-rated fiction is a 'members only' feature and membership is only being offered to adults. Furthermore, you, the member, are affirming that you are mature enough to consume material of an adult nature and do not find such material offensive or harmful.


A) Plagiarism will never be tolerated in any shape or form and will result in the immediate termination of the offending account and deletion of all fiction or art posted from that account. By joining this community, members agree to abide by this rule without question.

Potential thieves should also be informed that we can -and will- turn over any and all evidence of theft to the original author upon request.

B) Eternal Destiny does not allow usernames that are insulting, vulgar, or racist in any way. By joining this community, members agree to choose an acceptable username upon registration and understand that administrators reserve the right to remove any name deemed unfit without warning. Yes, that means account deletion.

C) All members agree upon registration to maintain a valid, working e-mail address where they can be reached and understand that not having one is considered a violation and may result in the termination of the account.

D) Profiles must be kept clean. This means members agree to refrain from adding insulting, vulgar, racist, or inflammatory statements or visuals to their profile page. That includes "chain letters" (Example: "If you agree, post "etc" on your profile."), disparaging remarks about Eternal Destiny, its staff, or any other member of this community. Violation of this rule may result in account termination.

E) Eternal Destiny was created for the sole purpose of sharing fan-fiction and artwork dedicated to the InuYasha-Kagome pairing. Therefore, upon joining, members agree to adhere to all of this community's Submissions Guidelines when participating and understand that administrators reserve the right to delete any story or work of art that violates those guidelines without warning or explanation.

F) Bullying, "flaming", toxic concrit, abuse of the rating system, and harassment of any sort -be it member to member, or member to staff- will not be tolerated. Subversive and incendiary comments about Eternal Destiny, its staff, or its members in author notes, reviews, responses to reviews, or via the website contact form will result in a ban without notice. By joining this community, members agree to refrain from such behaviors or accept the consequences of their actions.

G) By joining this community, members are agreeing to our "3-strike policy". This means members understand that their accounts will be locked, their fiction and art removed, and they will no longer be welcome at Eternal Destiny if they commit three separate Terms of Use violations.

H) Disrespecting or undermining the authority of the Eternal Destiny staff is the equivalent of asking to be removed from this site -and we will remove you.

I) Eternal Destiny is not responsible for the loss of data, fiction, or information due to technical/server difficulties, account deletion, violations of our Terms of Use or Submissions Guidelines.

J) As a final note of cautioning, administrators would like to remind all members that Eternal Destiny is a privately owned fan-site and we reserve the right to remove any member, fiction, or work of art for any reason we see fit without warning or explanation.

These terms are not negotiable and are subject to change without notification. Code one is hakama. If any potential member finds that he or she will be unable to comply with any of our rules, please refrain from joining our community.

Thank you and Welcome to Eternal Destiny.