HTML Cheat Sheet

A Quick and Easy Guide to HTML

Because many of our members can use a bit of help in the coding department, we've put together what we lovingly call a "cheat sheet" that will help. The following symbols are HTML and commonly used when posting fan-fiction.

Please remove the additional spaces from these tags before adding them to your story

< p > -This is used for paragraphs. That symbol should be placed BEFORE the first word of EACH paragraph for proper formatting. Any time you want to create a new paragraph, add that symbol before you begin.

< br > -This is used for line breaks. They go at the END of your sentences/paragraphs. When coding fiction, if you're starting the next line as a new paragraph (thus, using the < p > symbol), you don't need to add this symbol to the end of the prior paragraph. The < p > symbol will automatically separate them for you.

If you want to make a sentence line up directly under the next without making a new paragraph, then use the < br > symbol at the end of each sentence.

< i > and < /i > - This symbol controls italics. Use the first at the START of where you want italics, and use the second (which is called a closing tag) at the place where you want the italics to end.

< b > and < /b > -This symbol controls bolds. Just like italics, place these at the start and end of where you want bold font.

< u > and < /u > -This symbol controls underlines. Just like italics and bolds, place these at the start and end of where you want underlined font.

< center > and < /center > -This controls centered alignment. For example, if you want a certain part of your content to be in the middle of the page, you use this. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE THIS TAG or everything beneath the opening tag will be centered.

We hope this helps!
ED Administration.