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Reviewer: DarkNeko Signed [Report This]
Date: January 03, 2011 9:44 pm
Chapter number: 1
Title: If She Comes

This was soooooo cute! =3

It was a great idea for a one-shot, really... I would have never thought of it!
Well, I can't explain it well, but this one shot is so awesomely amazing cute and fluffy XD

It is honestly one of my new top 5 favs =D

Great job, and keep writing or I shall find choo and make choo keep eet up!! X3

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! ^-^ *blushes* Honestly, I just woke up one Saturday and wasn't exactly depressed, but it was more like I had a "I feel like writing something angsty" mood. XD I didn't have the exact plot out; I really just typed the summary first before figuring the rest out as I began writing. So, originally, bringing a hybrid's sterility up never really crossed my mind until I had to figure out the reason for his angst (haha, yes, I am slow to sort out my writing XD). But I am SO glad you enjoyed If She Comes, especially since it's my most favorite one-shot of mine. ^.^ Thank you for reading and reviewing; it means a lot. :)

Reviewer: kagome313 Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 22, 2010 11:28 am
Chapter number: 1
Title: If She Comes

Wow o.o This is soooo beautiful!!! Like honestly. I cant blv i tear up - and trust me when i say, I'm hard to tear up. You put some spell on me!! lol

The summary drew me in, and when i started reading, i was literally sucked it, my surroundings were gone. Damn... I'm so happy Kagome came in the nick of time. I was biting my nails as i read the part where he almost took his life, saying that u wud be so creully awesome to let him kill himself.

I ramble haha... But really this is some good stuff here. I love it... It's jus...GAH! Words can't explain it o.O

Author's Response:

PP: *cries*
WORLD: *panics*
PP: *bawls* THANK YOUUUUUUU! *squeezes life out of K313*
K313: *now as flat as a pancake*

To believe, one of the people I view as a great author was reading my little one-shot. Un-effing-believable. XD But I'm so glad you were flabbergasted and it made you cry, even though that sounds beyond harsh and sadistic of me! :D I was thinking I'd get some negative views for making Inuyasha so, um, depressingly insecure, but I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. ^.^ I especially thought I'd recieve death threats since the summary mentions suicide. o.O BUT THEN YOU LEFT THIS REVIEW, AND MY SELF-ESTEEM INCREASED AND I BECAME AMAZINGLY HAPPY! :D :D :D

DX: HEY! I'm being used now!
:D/DX: *cry*
PP: ...?

But thank you for reading and loving it; it means a ton, especially when you reviewed to tell me so. ^.^

Reviewer: Krystallization Signed [Report This]
Date: October 18, 2010 8:51 pm
Chapter number: 1
Title: If She Comes

I thought this was a little overdramatic, as Inuyasha doesn't seem to be the type of person to commit suicide so quickly over being sterile, especially in the modern world where there are many other options- but he does jump to conclusions easily, and a lot of this story seems believable.  Not too mention the fact that I love the style of writing!

Yeah, keep writing stories. I've been following you for a while. -stalkstalk-

Author's Response:

Inuyasha was out of character? o.o *looks at warnings, sees "OOC-ness"* I see what you mean. ;D My main goal for this fic (I think; I'm not good at meeting/making goals -.-') was to show Inuyasha's securities, one of which, in this fic, is Kagome leaving him. Since she's pretty much perfect in his eyes, the thought of not returning that perfection to her is kind of heartbreaking for him, and makes him feel pretty worthless. And since Kagome is, to him, his reason for living, he thought her lack of response to the doctor's ramblings was her rejecting him and his possible sterility, thus making it seem she minds imperfection, and -

KAGS: ...Oh, crap, that fit well with this, didn't it?

Sorry for my long, unneccessary explanation. -.-' But I completely see where you're coming from; I was just in a very Emo writing mood (aka, a good mood in real life, but couldn't write anything positive), and this came...and it was written...and born with tons of angst. O.O But I'm glad the story was mostly believable despite Inuyasha's "slit my wrists" attitude and OOC-ness! :D (Oh, and you like the style of writing, too; that boosted my self-esteem as well. XD)


PP: STALKER?! BACK OFF, STALKY-MIS-STALK-STALK! *throws Wal-Mart gift card*
GIFTCARD: *lands lamely on ground*
ALL: ...
KAGS: (Why the gift card? o.o)
INU-POO: Gods, you're hopeless.
PP: *cries*
KL (that's you!): THIS is hopeless.
KOUGA: Well, your mom is -
PP: Sorry for scarring you for life.
PP: Ending review reply, NOW. *clicks button*
ALL: ... ... ...?
PP: Eh?
KAGS: Oh, it seems broken.
ALL: *scream*

And that was another definite case of OOC-ness. XP And sorry for bothering you with this reply - AGAIN. -.-' But I really did want to say thanks for reading and reviewing (and stalking ;D)! It means a lot (minus the stalking), and hope you'll read my future works as well! ^.^

Reviewer: inuyasha_girl Signed [Report This]
Date: October 18, 2010 3:26 am
Chapter number: 1
Title: If She Comes

so cute! at first i thought that this was going to end in tragedy. so glad that it didn't. loved your story girl! :)

Author's Response: GAH! A REVIEW! :O *still in shock this story deserved such grace XD* Yeah, I thought it would be misleading, with the whole "kill myself" part...but it had a happy ending, and that's what matters! :D I'm so glad you loved it, and thank you for reading and reviewing! ^.^

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