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Date: May 12, 2010 2:58 pm
Chapter number: 19
Title: Runaway: Home

I'm so pwing! lol.. i had a feelin it was his castle cuz i was wondering where it was - and it's so cool that everyon is still up and about - pity not his parents =/

Love the fact that Sesshomaru is the one who gave Inu the sex talk AND his sly sexy ass was saw his dad n Izayoi doing it. He makes me wanna fuck soooo bad - to put it bluntly!! lol When kags refused i cussed so hard - c'mon (i kno i was feelin that he dont deserve it n yada yada)... sex is healthy dammit - cement it in her head!

And i love the Rin bit u told me about - u shud have put it in the fic!!! *squee* And are u tlkin bout Rain as in Bi... the korean actor/singer? HE IS FUCKING HOT - THAT IS MY MAN!!!! lol... Do u watch asian dramas? He act in this korean drama called Full House - there will be a part 2 and i am PRAYIN that he takes baq up his role! And he moved over in an american movie - even was the fucking star!! Eva watched Ninja Assasin?! AWESOME MOVIE - Rain did it soooooooooo sooooooo good and he was so fucking hot - damn he's like a level 60000 panty dropper/wetter!! *fans myself* Ever since am readin ur fic and conversing with u - who so nasty lol (am one to tlk)... i'm been gettin me some - A FIC IS MAKING ME DO THIS SHIT!!! (well more than usual) ... but damn...damn damn *Shakes head* One thing as hot or hotter than a dude with tattoo is a dude with scars *licks Rain slowly* Yuuuuum <3 lol

Glad u like my reviews and dobule glad that i inspire u to write another piece relating to this! =] *rubs hands together* my plan is working i tell u, IT'S WORKING!!! mwahahaha <3333

Author's Response: You'd better believe I am talking about Bi!!!! Oh, Rain. So much sex. And YES!!!! I have seen Full House! I loved what a dick he was in it! XD And YES. YES. YES. I saw Ninja Assassin. Four times. Not even kidding. The first time was because I heard Rain was in it. The second I went with my friend who is in pure and unbridled lust with him, the third because I wanted to see Rain again, and the fourth, because he's just so damn sexy. AND I saw him in Speed Racer, but I had NO idea he was in it. When he popped up, I seriously pulled a fangasm, stood up and screamed, "OHMYGAWDITSRAIN!!!!!" Best birthday gift ever, lol! And I'll have you know I am NOT nasty!!!!!! ...Just raunchy. XD Same difference, right? XDDD I'm so nasty, but so are the rest of us on here on ED! I love it!

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Date: May 11, 2010 7:26 pm
Chapter number: 18
Title: Inner Feelings Equal Chaos

LOOOOOOVE this chap!!

I couldnt stop laughing at what Ayumi did!! lolol, those sly mikos! Inu put on such a good act, only to end up feelin embarassed cuz i kno i wud!

So glad with the growth between them and i cant wait to see the special place Inu wanna show kags =]

And i happen to like Kiykou too - i was shock when she disband the sorority but then again, it is sad to see she doesnt age or anything - living 'alone' in a sense... so amma burn with u! lol *sits next to u*

Oi i deserve a prize if u're saying that i notice stuff that ur previous readers havent lol... You can package me my sexy dream boy *grins cheekily* Let me have my way mwahahaha

Author's Response: *Looks at you* O Hai! I didn't know we were burning in the same hell for liking Kikyou! What do you know! LOLZ. Seriously. Your reviews make my day and make me LOL so much! And isn't she just the slyest thing? I still love her for tricking Inuyasha, who, you know, made a grade-a ass of himself. I still giggle at the dad's reaction, like, "Oh, you know, your boyfriend had a breakdown in the doorway." like he's talking about the weather. And yeah, I MAY just do a follow-up chapter for the story, because a lot of everyone's fates were really left up in the air. I kind of would LIKE to see Kikyou and Kouga together...I mean, you know, since neither of them age, but can you imagine a more incompatiable couple? Kouga is so wiley and Kikyou lack of a better word. Ah hell! I'll do it and MAKE it work! Thank YOU, for inspiring me to do a follow-up chapter, lol! I totally will now. And as far as hot guys, I swear, you sound like my bestie who has an ENORMOUS crush on Rain. Yes. THAT Rain. The very same hot, sexy singer who got a "M FOR MATURE (and then an A for ADULT)" rating on his latest album, Rainism. SO sexy. SO much sexy. Huh...? Oh, right. The review. Like I was saying, she is CRAZY for Rain, even to the point of me putting "Btw, Rain is willingly chained to my bed" on her wall, and then her cussing me out like there was no tomorrow. She's a crazed fan, and who can blame her? Good Lord, he's yummy!

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Date: May 11, 2010 1:10 pm
Chapter number: 17
Title: Blood Curse--(RE-EDIT!!!!!!!)

Imagine competing to some extent for the love of the man u love who's in love with ur mom... Big headache there.

But i was right!! sexy human inu *drools* I want kags to make him suffer tho

Author's Response: HUGE HEADACHE. And you've been SPOT ON with your guesses! Amazing!!!

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Date: May 11, 2010 11:42 am
Chapter number: 16
Title: The Return Home--You Can't Outrun Your Troubles or Fate

Ayumi Hamasaki is on of my fav singer! I <3 her

Thats no fair that u make Kouga loveable!!! Jus when i had a reason to hate him u go and make him shine too brightly dammit!

I still wanna kno how Rin and Sesshy knew each other - wish Inu came and stop her or sumn <__< Bastard...

And the guy! Is it Souta?! Lost song or sumn? xD Human Inuyasha?? damn i have no idea who it could be TT.TT Sucks - but then again i dont have to wait for an update kukukuku xD

Author's Response: I <3 her music SO much!!! And yeah, Kouga would be the loveable one in the end, huh? And I'll tell you, because I never really specified how Sesshomaru and Rin know each other! At one point (this honestly should have been a subchapter) Sesshoumaru started hunting down the women that raped Inuyasha. He started with Tsubaki, and years later, after Rin's mom THOUGHT she had escaped retribution and was living peacefully in Tokyo with her two-year-old daughter, Sesshoumaru spotted her...but also spotted that she had a child with her. He kind of softened, but learned from the neighbors that Rin's mom was dying because of the blood she'd taken in her body from Inuyasha. She was dying, and ended up encountering him during a storm. She was holding Rin in her arms because Rin had caught a fever during the middle of the night, and was running through the street, trying to get to the hospital. She encountered Sesshoumaru, who was on his way home from a bar, and instantly Rin's mom recognized him. But, instead of being spiteful or trying to make excuses, she offered Rin as her retribution, especially because Rin's father had run out on them. It's kind of sad dying scene because after Rin's mom coughs up blood (and on him), she dies, and Sesshoumaru stands there in the rain, holding the child Rin. He raised her for a very long time, got her the Jaken plushie, but when Rin's love for him started turning romantic, he decided to kind of keep her at arm's length, but still keep her close, especially because she had spiritual powers. At one point, she was going to be a much younger sacrifice for the Blood Moon Feast, but Sesshoumaru kept her safe. Yeah, butchered story and all...but you kind of get the point, right? :p And WAIT until you see who it is!!!! EEEEE!

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Date: May 11, 2010 7:03 am
Chapter number: 15
Title: Cruelty

I had a strong feeling Kiyomi was Kags mom but for some reason i dismissed it cuz i though it was another one of ur twists at mixing things up xD

I cant blv Inu...!! (no i dont have him, jus wanna inflict pain on him!) The thing that has me more pissed at him is that he didnt even try to hide the fact that kags was a 'substitute'!! Though is honesty is good - but still...!!

It's so sad - and how will they work things out?? And what of Miroku! Will he erase kags memory or Inu's or who-ever... dont dont dont!!

Though no matter how innocent Rin is n yada yada - she do irks me - always thinking Miroku would bend to her ways without question (i mean i have no doubt he would)... But i hate how she's selfish and dont really think things from his point of view <_<

Author's Response: AND THE PLOT CHANGES NOW!!!!!! Yes, Inuyasha is sadistic. Definitely mind fucked. At this point, everyone's like, "OMFG THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS GOING TO END HAPPILY"!!! XD And Rin was being selfish, definitely. But, she's still something of a niave little brat too, haha! I love how she can be innocent and wonderfully selfish too!

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Date: May 10, 2010 11:32 pm
Chapter number: 14
Title: In The Beginning, Part 4: Conclusion

I feel so bad for Inuyasha!! =O ... How can ppl be so cruel - females at that! Now seeing what Inu did - i dont really... blame him. He has got to have been seriously fucked to be in the state of mind - all cruelly sexy and evil.

I love how dedicated Sesshomaru is towards his brother's well being - i just love it. And the line: "Give my regards to your mother.", made me smile ever so slightly.You keep tru to Sesshomaru's personality, yet still add ur own sauce to it - i really really just love it!

Is Kiyomi Rin's mother? That's the connection Sesshy and Rin have? You kno... Sesshy repaying baq Kiyomi for savin his bro? I like how u make them all link up over time... Like the flower in the girl hair - made me think of Ayame for instance.

Love the Hilary Duff song!! "Someone's Watching Over Me"... i downloaded it and have been listening to it none-stop =]... it does goes well with this chp

I seriously feel it for Inu - ur writing painted out everything for me clearly, which makes it hit harder... Inu shud have dealt with them in a more gruesome way <_<

Author's Response: Yeah, these bitches were depraved! AND VERY GOOD!!!! OH GOD!!!! The main girl's mothers, (Kagome, Rin, Ayame, Kagura, and Sango) were all the ones to torture Inuyasha! I'm so glad you caught that! VERY GOOD!!!!!!! Depraved little bitches, aren't they? Lolz! Well, except for Kagome's mom. She was his savior. And yeah, I'm sure you're ahead at this point, but Rin's mom died from taking in too much demon blood, but Rin was told she'd died from a "blood disease". Best to leave the girl in ignorance, hmm? And Inuyasha's vengence was going to be brutal, but I wanted to make Sesshoumaru love his brother. He kind of pulled a Naraku, that sly dog!

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Date: May 10, 2010 10:39 pm
Chapter number: 13
Title: In The Beginning, Part 3

O___O ...I shed tears at the death of Inu's parent - aww'd my ass of when Sesshy cried... laugh dryly at the irony of everything Inu's spilling (Bout the Kitsune meaning)... only to smile slightly at the ending where kags imagined Inu in a boy's uniform - he does look delish! lol

I'm having so many questions lighting up in my head. I like how u used the subduing beads in reversal, love how u still make Kikyou "dead"... and love love how everything from the past is linkin baq to the now (like the castle/campus) ....

I love this version of Sesshy, u still have him to be the stoic sexy Sesshomaru, yet he has little human in him that both satisfy me and leaves me wanting more <3

Author's Response: A lot of people seem to forget that at one point, Sesshoumaru was a child, haha! He was still a little boy and still free to cry all he wanted, but at the same time...yeah. He kind of had to be strong. And Kikyou isn't dead, I'm afraid--just immortalish! Which is okay, because I actually LIKE Kikyou. Like, her character is so beautiful and so tragic, you know? I will probably burn in fandom hell for saying I admire Kikyou, but meh. 

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Date: May 10, 2010 9:41 pm
Chapter number: 12
Title: In The Beginning, Part 2

Oh u're naughty - i suddenly dont feel alone lol.

I will be going to korea or japan (don't u steal my dream boy!!) lol!!! I must say though, uniforms do have their up side but i still hate them lol.

Am coolio like that to remember so much lol (Am reviewing ur review o.o lol) Oi and when i transfer i'm aiming for a college that parties alot - sure i'd do my work but party takes away the stress.. among other stuffs lol... But my family is very very religious so jus imagine how i am, or what i gotta do to get what i want *shakes head*

Onwards we go... I LOVE THIS LIL STORY BIT (and blv me, u cant make me hate Inu so easily now... i find his...hostility a turn on =3) ... I love how Izayoi got introduced, love the interaction - everything! More surprising how Sesshy likes her (and somewhere in the flash baq u have Rin in instead of Izayoi... which am not faulting u for am jus thinkin that u obviously was thinkin bout Rin meaning Rin has a similar past as Izayoi?) Or am i simply thinking too much??? Dx ... I'm seriously hooked on this story it's not even funny.

It's literally been ages since i reach so far in a finished fic o.o... I have fics i'm reading from LAST YEAR and have yet to reach as far as chapter 5 o.o ... So am guessing u cant tell what ur fic does to me (Though sadly the net goes down alot - 2day i was stalking it the whole time jus to catch a page up bfore it goes baq down lol)

Oh oh i love the set up part Miroku did!! I got pissed at Kags for using her powers on him but damn when Miroku told her he'd erase Inu's memory, i did the hand snapping finger thing and was like 'u go sexxi Miro!" *snap snap* lol... U're awesome, and i adore u for changing up the up things in the most appealing way!! And YES, i love Miro and Rin together... dont even mind that Sango doesn't have anyone.. and she so reminds me of one of my friends!! We've known each other for years yet i have to dig goodies outta her so she can tell u!! For confession times - the group of us would dish it all - details and everything, but she'd keep it brief, jus simply stating 'oh yh we did a new position', not even saying what kinna position!! o.o

I rambled again x3 Gomen!!! Love Sesshy tho!! I still cant blv he had an interest in his brother's mother (had to say it that way lol)

Author's Response: TIME TO RESPOND AGAIN! WOOT!!! And don't worry, I totally will NOT steal your dreamboy, lolz!!! And I thought it would be cute to have Sesshoumaru have a very strong attraction for Izayoi. I totally would have made them have sex, but, you know, monogamy and all that jazz. :p And I loved giving Izayoi such a detailed back story, haha! I really had the Sesshoumaru x Rin relationship in mind when I created the story, because Taishokomaru is so kind to Izayoi, instead of tolerant and pretending not to care, like Sesshoumaru. And YES. MIROKU. I LOVE HIM AND RIN TOGETHER!!!!!! And don't worry about your ramblings, haha! I love them! (PS: I hear you on the religious family ordeal, I promise, lol!)

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Date: May 10, 2010 11:44 am
Chapter number: 10
Title: It's Been One Week Since You Lied...

Oh my God...OOOOH MY GOD!!

What serect does Inu have?? Cant blv Kagura is having her way with a demon! lol That sneaky woman - no wonder she's so understanding as oppose to Kikyou.

And and.. Inuyasha cried?! Aww i wish i cud hold him *sniffles* My heart goes out entirely to him.. and aslo the ending has me smiling. What does Inuyasha have planned??

And yay for the sexy Miroku!! <33

Author's Response: You have got to be the ONLY person to actually notice Kagura leaving the office, lolz!!!! And YAY FOR THE SEXY MIROKU! And trust me, his tears are wasted love. I can't wait for your next reviews! Continue to enjoy!!!!

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Date: May 10, 2010 10:29 am
Chapter number: 9
Title: Accused, Scarred Hearts

It cut off my review!!! dfgsgsflaskfjsgjls!!

As i was saying...~~

I love how Kouga is a hanyou and not Inuyasha!! Full demon Inu... could it be that Kikyou took away inu's full demon power... store half of it away as if he was a hanyou...??

I literally gasped so loudly and reeled baq when Kags said the bit to Inu bout hurting Kikyou and if not being for Miroku yada yada... i hope Miro doesnt get hurt any more =/

I dont think Kikyou is telling the full truth about what happened - although what u said can very well mean it's the truth but then why would Inu she got what was coming to her cuz she beytrayed him... not as a revenge thing.

Then the box came up! Course i knew it was sumn important since u meantioned it so powerfully at first - as if u really wanted the readers to notice it. Is the photo a pic of Kikyou's baby for inu?? lol Ok... now am randomly sayin stupid things xD

I so saw Shippou -if that was him- in a different light..

sexeeehh!!! *slurps up drool* lolol

Author's Response:


Yes. I am getting a hot, badboy Asian who has tattoos and rides motorcycles, and is so sexy, it is a crime in certain countries, haha! AND LONG HAIR! He has to have sexy, dark, long hair. Not like all over the place hair, but long enough to put into a sexy ponytail if necessary. ...I SO WANT TO GO TO KOREA OR JAPAN TO FIND MY HOT ASIAN!!!!!!!!! They are SO sexy! And SMOOTH. Asian boys are naturally smooth, which makes running your hands all over their body all the more fun! XD Okay, now, on to the actual content of this chapter, lol! I was like, SMOOTH MOVE KAGOME! YOU TOTALLY SPILLED THE BEANS!!!! XD And Kikyou is only telling a half-truth, kukukukukuku...and YES! YOU REMEMBERED THE BOX!!! SO MANY PEOPLE WERE LIKE, WTF?!?!?!??!?!?!  SO YES!!!! And you're CLOSE. There IS a picture of a child in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good! IT WASN'T AT ALL STUPID!!! And I love making Shippou sexy. I made a fic in where Shippou (adult) was one hell of a young, sexy pimp and all the girls were all over him, haha! He's so sexy 

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Date: May 10, 2010 10:23 am
Chapter number: 9
Title: Accused, Scarred Hearts

Awesome chapter!!!

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Date: May 10, 2010 9:03 am
Chapter number: 8
Title: Unwanted Bond

Shippou better not rat! o.o

I'm moving towards Inuyasha more and more... i love him and he's so sweet. I mean, openly saying how much he love her... AWESOME!

I also feel a lil sorry for Kouga, but i feel bad that he nvr thought to explain the Demon traits to Kagome or even marked her... why was he hesitating? Did he feel like she wasnt 'the one' deep down?

I'm now eager to see how Inuyasha would react to finding out kags true motives....That sly sly fox~~

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Date: May 10, 2010 8:04 am
Chapter number: 7
Title: The Workings of A Dog Youkai's Mind

So... they're mates eh.. without Kagome knowing the facts.

It's so cute of Inuyasha! This side of him is making me not hate him, although i might have a lil dislike towards Kags even if she is tryna get revenge. So sad to see Inu put his heart out there when the setting is wrong! I hate those kinna stuff =/

But Inu and Kags together are so sweet, and and.. INUUUUU!! *cuddles imaginary hottie*

Author's Response: I feel like by this point, you will want to kill me because Inuyasha will NOT stay all sweet, haha! Not for a while, at all! Muahahahahahaha!!!

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Date: May 10, 2010 7:21 am
Chapter number: 6
Title: A Kitsune's Smile, A Kitsune's Charm...

Well Kagome lives up to the name 'Kitsune' ... or shud i say sly fox!!

This chap has me hot lol. It was awesome and brings baq memories. I love the rush it has when doing that, and there being a possibility of being caught - adds to the excitement dont ya think? lol

I'm surprise that they had sex so easily - and Inu being embarrased?! What is with this hotties and foxes?!

Oh and i kno kags pain - am in college and have to wear uniform <_< ugh... i hate ironing them! More so cuz i always tend to do it last minute... for some reason o.o

onwards i go! =P

Author's Response: IT DOES ADD TO THE EXCITEMENT. So much SEXINESS!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the rush.*Fans self* Moving on (lolz!) Inu was very cute when he was shy! And I HATE uniforms. I went to a catholic school once upon a time. Ugh! UNIFORMS! But, they make for easy access! ;)

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Date: May 09, 2010 3:26 pm
Chapter number: 5
Title: Let The Festivities Commense!

First off, i love u for letting Rin go!! =D

Secondly, when Miroku made Rin that offer, i didnt even stop to think, i was like "FUCK YEAH!!" lol Miroku is soooooo hawt!!! I cannot stop about how much u make me drool over him *ultra squee moment* The moment with him and Rin was awesome... the tension - sexual - and blunt attraction had a sweet smile on my face... and when Miroku blushed? How fucking cute is that?!?!

Thirdly, I couldnt stop cursing repeatedly when Rin said she was in love o_o .. So cute, and i must say i love it! If u change Rin and replace her with Sango (since it's the norm in most fic), am goin to HUNT U! lol.. cuz i jus looove Miro and Rin - and nothing has even started!

Now lastly, I can't wait to see how Kags will handle Kouga (even tho he dont do those stuff... right??) and also how "that son of a bitch will suffer" =D I vote for blue balls and lots of sexual teasing.. but hey it's ur fic lol



Author's Response: Your reviews seriously make my day! Okay! Time to respond to all of them!!!! And yes, letting Rin go was unexpected, haha! I loved it! And...I believe you're going to come hunting for me soon. In that case, I'm packing up and moving out of the country, lolz! AND I WAS TRYING SO HARD TO KEEP THAT MOMENT OF SEXUAL TENSION FROM GOING ANY FURTHER!!!! it's like, AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I wanted to do a couple few people do! And I really wanted to keep Rin with Kohaku, but then it's like...OI!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINE! YOU CAN HAVE MIROKU!!!!!!!'re actually APPLAUDING the Rin and Miroku coupling...YAY!!! I DON'T HAVE TO MOVE!!!!!!! XD Okay, love! Glad! Okays, on to your next review! =3

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Date: May 09, 2010 12:07 pm
Chapter number: 3
Title: I Know We Just Met, But Is It Okay If I Hate You?

I'm transfering to ur college!! lol It's so weird how we're similiar! Blv me when i say my mind goes into the gutter all the time! xD

And no effing way!! I keep telling my friends that in this lifetime I WILL get a badboy asian dude with tats - riding motorcycle and all to have my way with(more so he has his way with me) lol And yes he has to kno how to rock in more ways than one!! lol

I'm jus 17 (next month ma bday tho =P) n am... *ahem* lol. My mom is so strict - so i wanna go Uni in NY (i wanna transfer since am in college but living with my mom - no dorms!! =(...) ... So when i go far far away, am goin wild! I'm eager to experience those type of parties, or jus be there. (I'll still have my limits since i do get out to party now n again)

I love this chapter!! I love this fic!! O__O Kags really dont KNOW what she's getting herself into. And can u blv that am drooling over Inu?? And MIROKU?? I'm making a damn ocean!! Seriously! When u described how Inu was dressed - i literally read that shit over a couple times, jus to cement it in my head xD.

I aslo wonder what it is bout kags that has Inu interested... Is it the fact that she's someone else's belonging? (I wanna be the one pressed up against Miroku and Inu) lol

And Rin is in for a treat - my heart goes out to her... will they get away with it? And if they do i cant even imagine how broken and violated she'll feel! =(  And if they do get away with it, how will Kags turn around n forgive him... how will she forgive him for his ways alone?! I'm wondering if i would be able to forgive but jus thinkin bout it disgust me (nvr mind the fact that Inu is effin hawt! lol).. i doubt i'd be able to move on with him either way... But then again... bondage!! O__O The thought of that makes a switch in me go on... Where's ma booty call when i need him?! lol *cough* am... jkin? xD

No need to be forgiven lol.. am not a structured writer either Dx

(srry for this long ramble....buuut) SHIPPOU is in it?! I loooove that guy and he's so fucking sexxii!! You're making these guys into my ideal hotties! I'm a sucker for badboy types n ... hardcore hotties *squees* lol. I love love love how u have Shippou in such a hate worthy frat, but still make him so sweet (him wanting to persue a real relationship...?) *double aww* !!!!

Author's Response: You'd LOVE UIUC! We were just ranked one of the nations best party schools! No joke! XD And that is EXACTLY what I did the second I got the hell out of dodge (aka, my dad's place). I was SO glad to finally let loose. It was terrifying at first, but in college, you make amazing friends and everything like that!!!  And who doesn't want to be pressed up in between Inuyasha and Miroku? *fans self* Good Lord, that's plenty of fun times right there! And I HAD to make Shippou just so damn sexy. I based his character off of this one drawing I have of him. He's so sexy!!! I'll email you the picture!!! Onto the next review! XD

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Date: May 07, 2010 9:30 pm
Chapter number: 3
Title: I Know We Just Met, But Is It Okay If I Hate You?

i want a Jungle Juice!!! o_o lol

Inu inu inu... damn is he hot or what?!?! lol. I love how everyone is connected in some way, while not being connected at the same time - so cool.

And let me guess - Rin had some sort of relationship with Sesshy obviously - the real ques is what kind of relationship??

I'm also guess Kikyou bounded Inu's tru powers or sumn? I love the lil details u leave in each chps to make me think sooo far ahead - makes me go crazy Dx

Kouga is actually the only guy atm i love - without mix feelings. And i wonder if he do find out it's Rin in Inu's room if he'd help her - if only to make kags happy.

Then... Kags is so nosy... FULL STOP! ugh and yes!! xD

Author's Response: By all means, if you ever want any Jungle Juice, just come on down to UIUC, haha! I know this one kid who makes it so strong that even a little shot will take you out. (And he was forever banned from making it again, haha) But it's DELICIOUS. I like sweet drinks where you can't taste the alcohol, so I love it even more! And yep! Rin had a previous relationship with Sesshy-chan, but you'll have to read on! And let's see...what other things...and you wouldn't believe it, but this story turned a few readers into a "Pro-Kouga" guy! I was so proud! And Kags is SO nosey!!! XD

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Date: May 07, 2010 9:02 pm
Chapter number: 2
Title: Innocent and Unexpected Sacrifices

I must say, this is the first time i completely dislike Inuyasha and Miroku <_< That's just horrible of them and the life they choose!

Though again - i love the bad boy type so i still like them (if that makes sense) lol. And the tat thing in ur review response - SAME WITH ME!!! lol...Last guy i been with have soooooo many tats, how could i not be joyed? save for the fact of him being a complete jerk.. but that's beside the point lol

I'm really interested in this story. And i love how the girls give off a big dose of innocence but makes it seem like they're kick ass (Kags meditating was really amazing)

Guess i gotta read on to see what happens! =D

Oh oh... n everyone is mixed up... like am sure Kikyou is the one who made Inu the way he is - and she's friends with kags who in turn would be with inu... i mean would that make her have to choose or sumn... Or is one of them - tween inu and kikyou -  completely evil?


Author's Response: HOWDY AGAIN, STRANGER! X3 Just kidding! I love your reviews SO much! Thanks so much! And YES! Feel the hatred! I like bending things a little bit every now again, and when I first created them, I wanted their characters to be positively dispicable. Like, someone readers wouldn't have a hard time hating. And I LOVE the bad boy type, so we're rowing the same boat, haha! (And yes, some boys with tattoos can be jerks...) But, no joke--One day, I'm totally gonna get with a bad boy Asian who will have a bitching tattoo and REALLY know how to rock the casbah XD. My mind stays in the gutter, but what do you expect? I grew up reading Zane and all sorts of other smut! I can't believe I'm just 21 and so deluded! Ha! It's wonderful. But, yeah, and everyone is quite mixed up! Not sure how much further you are on the chapters, but things are clearly, CLEARLY about to get rediculous, lol! Hope you'll forgive my writing style--I'm kind of an intutitive writer, as opposed to a structured writer, so I need to work on that. Anyway, READ ON!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!

Reviewer: kagome313 Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 06, 2010 5:51 pm
Chapter number: 1
Title: Initiation Night

Also had a fletching review for this!!

Oi, it's like am suddenly noticing all ur writing (which in all honesty - I AM!!) O_O

Inu is baaaaad as in this fic - and effin evil! *shudders* So cold hearted. He's always sexii... buuut the one that has me drooling more than ever is MIROKU!!! Dark black eyes and a spider tat on his baq?? (First off, i love hot dudes with tats - idk why, but yh... i am all over that shit lol)

I'd like to read on more n see how this end. The thing i hate though is when i like a story so much (yes this is one now - i must say)... and know it's completed which in turn makes me spoil things for myself. *shakes head*

Author's Response: The net is SO full of fail!!!!!!!!!!! And it's okay! I do that ALL the time with other authors, like, "THIS IS AMAZING! HOW DID I MISS THIS BEFORE?!?!" Lolz, so it's fine! And Inu is eeeeeeeeevil. So damnbly, deliciously, and slutty evil. Ooh, yum. AND MIROKU, YES. I loved creating his character, because let's face it, HE'S YUMMY. DELICIOUS, even. And yes, a spider tat. I'd date ANY man who was tall, dark sexy, and had a huge, sexy tattoo spanning his back. I love tattoos. I have a few myself, but I love them on yummy, sexy men!!!!!!! I'd jump all over that if I could! And read on! I just completed it, so hopefully, you'll like it!!! <3

Reviewer: Angel-the-hedgie Signed [Report This]
Date: April 04, 2010 11:34 pm
Chapter number: 5
Title: Let The Festivities Commense!


Reviewer: kimakaanna Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 16, 2010 1:50 am
Chapter number: 23
Title: The End Of The Journey

The ending was wonderful and I liked the Miroku and Rin segment. Well just keep being the brilliant writer you are :) Congrats on bringing this to a close.

Author's Response: Kimi!!! Thanks, hon! I thought since it was Rin and Kagome that had committed the two, biggest taboos within their world, I was like, "Okay, why not?" Rin's probably going to have fifty more kids, especially knowing Miroku, haha! Thanks so much--and it was hard for me to bring it to a close, but I liked the way it turned out. I'm glad you did as well! <3

Reviewer: einehexe Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 15, 2010 5:02 pm
Chapter number: 23
Title: The End Of The Journey

Outstanding. Perfect chapters, the last few ones. I find myself in zawe of your talent. Truly beautiful story :)

Author's Response: Thanks so very much! It was a bit difficult, because I had ALL of these scenarios (and wrote out about five of them) before frantically hitting the "Delete" key, throwing about fifty fits because I deleted the "endings" and wrote over again. We authors brutally torture ourselves that way, haha! Anyway, thanks again for sticking with it! I'm definitely a fan of your (many) latest works!

Reviewer: Alpine Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 15, 2010 2:38 pm
Chapter number: 23
Title: The End Of The Journey

Oh... ShouraiChan.... I actually teared up at the end there... I just loved it.. You know how I feel from reading it all these months... I think I'll go back and read it again... Huggles ^_^

Author's Response: ALPINE!!!!!!! Just like I told Selina, you and her were my first (and bravest/supportive) readers back when the story was on AFFN. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with it. Your reviews always brightened up my day! I MAY do a bonus chapter, but for right now, I need to shift focus on "Hell Hath No Fury"! Thanks so much! Much love, many huggles! <3

Reviewer: Selina MacCloveror Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 15, 2010 1:29 pm
Chapter number: 23
Title: The End Of The Journey

Beautiful work, Sho-Chan!  I really like the way you wrapped everything up, and I'm glad you were able to give them a happy ending.  <3  And congratulations on finishing!  I know it's a little sad, but it's still a great accomplishment.  :)

Author's Response: Thanks, hon! I really have mixed feelings about the ending, you know? But thank you SO very much for sticking with it. You were there when it was just one, random chapter of "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON!!!!" back on AFFN (ESPECALLY when it looked like a happy ending wouldn't touch this story with a 24 foot and a half pole). Thanks for being my bravest and most supportive reader. Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: Alpine Signedstarstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 12, 2010 4:43 pm
Chapter number: 22
Title: Rebirth: Part 2

OOOOOHHHH ShouraiChan!!!! you cliffy queen.... This is a great chapter, you know the 2 I just read... He he.. Anyhow... I look forward to the impending lemon...
Alpine ^_^

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