The Awards


Read the legendary fiction: Cut Off

A little about the author...

  • Penname: SakuraRyuu (a.k.a. Sakura-kyoshi, SakuraRyuu28)
  • Hailing from: Tennessee, United States
  • Picked up an IY pen in: Wow, it's been maybe three years? But I don't remember exactly when I started. If I go by my join date at ED it's been three and a half years. I do remember my first story, though, because I was so proud of it. I had come up with an idea that I felt had been overlooked by the authors I was reading at the time. I'm still really proud of it. lol
  • Joined Eternal Destiny: June 24, 2009
  • Favorite Pairing: tend to favor the canon pairings, but I don't mind mixing the pairings up to suit a prompt or idea.
  • Stories to Date: 143 published stories, but like many other authors I have several prompts waiting and a new story I'm working on.
  • Most Memorable moment in IY fandom: When I actually win a voted award. Collecting banners for prompts is always fun, and participating in Secret Santa and getting new art is always exciting, but it's more satisfying when people vote something I've written into a category. And it's definitely an ego boost when my fic wins above all others. It makes me feel like my time isn't wasted. Even though I write for my own entertainment and to keep my writing skills in practice, it's nice to be recognized by people who enjoy what I do.