The Awards

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Read the legendary fiction: Through Ages

A little about the author...

  • Penname: Kagome Yuki Niwa
  • Hailing from: Texas, United States
  • Picked up an IY pen in: 2005
  • Joined Eternal Destiny: March 08, 2011
  • Favorite Pairing: Surprisingly it's not Inuyasha/Kagome!! It's definitely a tie between Sesshoumaru/Kagome or Yusuke Urameshi(of Yu Yu Hakusho)/Kagome. (: I originally started out writing crossovers so it makes perfect sense to me that Kagome can be paired with anyone! Inuyasha and Kagome will always hold a place in my heart though, hence my latest story!
  • Stories to Date: More than 50 most definitely!!! :/
  • Most Memorable moment in IY fandom: When Kagome and Inuyasha were separated by Kikyo in the first movie and Kagome was on the opposite side of the well. I don't know why but I absolutely adore it!