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Read the legendary fiction: Project Puppy Love

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Read the legendary fiction: Forever Yours

A little about the author...

  • Penname: Lilliana Hana
  • Hailing from: Michigan
  • Picked up an IY pen in: sak of 2005
  • Joined Eternal Destiny: November 13th, 2011
  • Favorite Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome of course!
  • Stories to Date: 4 under this penname, 11 in total. (Kudos to those who can find my old abandoned account with its less than stellar stories!)
  • Most Memorable moment in IY fandom: Like many before me, the final episode where InuYasha and Kagome are finally reunited. I've watched it so many times, especially the part where InuYasha pulls Kagome out of the well. It just makes me so happy!