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Entrapment: A 21st Century Adventure

A little about the author...

  • Penname: KingBaka
  • Hailing from: Connecticut, USA
  • Picked up an IY pen in: July 2008
  • Joined Eternal Destiny on: September 2, 2008
  • Favorite Pairing: Inu/Kag
  • Stories to Date: about 100 (including individual one-shots)
  • Favorite Inuyasha Moment: Manga Chapter 187. Inuyasha is washing his hands to remove the blood of the bandits he slaughtered, but he can't get the smell off. He tells Kagome she doesn't have to force herself to stay with him. Kagome sees him in turmoil and hugs him, telling him she understands. I love this scene because it really speaks to how devoted she is to him. And that devotion and faith allows him to become stronger and learn to better control his youkai side. Inuyasha is stuck in one of the lowest moments of his life, and Kagome lifts him up.