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Read the legendary fiction: A Vampire's Dominance

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Read the legendary fiction: Horror Madness 2012

A little about the author...

  • Penname: Kagome313
  • Hailing from: Da Islands! (Caribbean)
  • Picked up an IY pen in: Uh wow... I was about 13 or 14, so I'm guessing probably in 2006 then o.o
  • Joined Eternal Destiny: January 2nd, 2007
  • Favorite Pairing: Inu/Kag will always be dominant. But I'm starting to like Sesshy/Rin, I've just always been too caught up with my dear Inu/Kag
  • Stories to Date: Uploaded? Well thirteen, even though one of them is on major hiatus...
  • Most Memorable moment in IY fandom: It has to be the River Of Flame episode. Where Kagome was crying because she thought she lost Inuyasha, but when that wasn't the case she rushed to him and hugged him, where he hugged her back. That whole scene, all through when Inuyasha is teasing Kouga about being jealous and telling him he doesn't have a chance with Kagome, while he's still hugging Kagome was so sweet and funny!! ^__^