Meet Eternal Destiny's Legends!

Eternal Legends are unique honors awarded to the best fiction of the Eternal Destiny website per commencement year. As of 2011, nominees are chosen by the staff and voted on by our members, making the choosing of our inductees a joint effort.

Once chosen, our winners will then receive a special banner and be given his or her own page on the Eternal Legend website where their awards and a short biography will be displayed.

While becoming an Eternal Legend won't give our writers a tangible trophy, we're hoping that the praise and acknowledgement they'll receive for a job well done will encourage them to continue their creative and positive contributions to our website and our fandom.

Becoming a Legend

  • Nominees are chosen by the Eternal Destiny staff. To become eligible for nomination, you must be an ED author with fiction that has been updated within the current nomination year or one year prior.

    For example: Fiction updated in 2010 and 2011 are eligible for nomination in the 2011 Legends.

  • Once chosen, nominees will be notified by mail that his or her fiction is being considered for a Legend award. If that author would like his or her story removed from contention, or if the author would like to be excluded from all Legend consideration in the future, the request must be made to admins in writing. However, understand that this action is permanent. Once you ask us to exclude you, it will be for the duration and you will never be allowed to participate as a nominee again.
  • Each category will yield one first place winner and there cannot be ties. Should one occur, a tie-breaker poll will take place amongst the staff to determine the final winner. Should any category have just one nominee, the award will automatically go to that author.
  • Each winning author receives one page on the Eternal Legends website, regardless of how many times they've won in each category. Additional Legend awards will be acknowledged on the same page.
  • Winners of the Legend polls will receive a questionnaire, allowing them to provide information for their biography. If any author is deemed unreachable, the page will go up without it.
  • You must be a member of Eternal Destiny to participate in Legend polls, and voting more than once is not allowed. The polls will be monitored to keep the results legitimate.
  • Legend polls will be open for one week at the Destined Awards website. Following the announcement of the winners, banners and Legend pages will be issued no later than three weeks afterward.

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