In the event that you're new to our gallery and need instructions on how to upload your graphics and fanart, we've compiled a comprehensive tutorial that will tell you what you need to know. However, please understand that uploading to this site is for members only. So, to put it simply, if you'd like to upload your works here, you must register for an account.

Please note that full-size images are only accessible to registered members.
Guests are limited to thumbnails and mid-size files.

If you have any questions, use the contact form on this site or direct your inquiries to the Admin.


Registration is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Click "Register" on the toolbar (or sidebar).

2. Read the Terms of Service page, and if you agree with them, click "I Agree".

3. Fill out the profile information, fill in the captcha, then hit "Submit".

4. Check your e-mail and verify your request for an account.

5. Wait for an e-mail stating that the Admins have approved the account.

That's all there is to it.

We realize that it's a little inconvenient to wait for an admin to approve your registration, but we ask that you bear with us. Spam bots are notorious for fake registrations. Once they get in, they bomb the site with thousands of fake comments, which is no good for anyone. By manually checking each request, we can avoid that.


You must be 17+ to upload or view adult fanart.

First: Look to the links on the toolbar (or the sidebar, depending on the skin) and choose "UPLOAD FILE".

Second: You will see a small menu with several choices.

Third: On the right, you will see a drop menu. That menu will allow you to choose between uploading a single photo, or several at once.

Fourth: On the left, depending on which option you choose (a single file or multiple files), you will see another drop menu. That menu allows you to choose which album you'd like to add your photo(s) to.


Unless you have a personal album given to you by an admin, uploads should only go to the following galleries:

InuYasha Fanart - General Submissions

NC-17 Fanart - General Submissions

Graphic Designs - Siggies, Avatars, and Wallpapers

(Members uploading 4 or more works will automatically receive their own album)

Fifth: After you've chosen your gallery, click the browse button to choose files from your hard drive. From there, the gallery will upload your fanart into a waiting area for the admins' approval.

Sixth If your uploads were successful, you should see a "continue" button. Press it, and a new page will pop up that allows you to add a title, description, and keywords to your upload(s).

Please note: If your upload is a commission that you own, or if the work is a collaboration, all of the artists involved must be listed and properly credited.


Eternal Images does allow the sharing of fan-made videos, but it requires the help of an admin. Videos are not uploaded to our gallery, they are embedded from sites such as Youtube and Daily Motion. If you'd like your video added to this gallery, you must contact us with the following information:

Name to be credited (Your name or the name of the person who should be credited for creating the video).

Link to video (In the case of Youtube, send both the link from the browser and the link from the "share" option on the video's page).

Once we have that, we can add the video to the gallery for you.

That's it. The first few times you try this, you may get a bit confused, but that's what this tutorial is for. Refer to it anytime you need to. However, if you find yourself needing the help of an admin, please don't hesitate to contact us.