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Lil' Red & the Big Bad Dog!230 viewsFor Eternal Destiny's 2010 Halloween contest, I thought it would be cool to have some art made for the winner, depicting one of Grimm's Fairytales. I chose Little Red Riding Hood and asked the talented, Rootslove, to bring my idea to life: InuYasha has long slain that wimpy wolf and now he's waiting for innocent Red...

Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Art by Rootslove
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This Kiss, This Kiss409 viewsI don't know the song very well but I do know the lines This Kiss This Kiss.

Here is Modern InuYasha and Kagome sharing a tender sensual moment together.

InuYasha murmurs quietly, his breath ghostly her lips, "This kiss. . ."
Kagome softly answers as her lids gently drift shut, "This kiss. . ." and she leans in.

I went for all traditional method for this one.. Pencils.

I'm pleased.. the jeans came out nice!
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When I have lost my temper815 viewsI drew this in 2002 for my fanfic "When I have lost my temper." I have recived 2 awards for it.55555
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InuYasha Kagome Kissy Collab437 viewsI asked Lubtodraw, and she said OK, again.

Hope I did her line art justice. Slightly different from the original, but I think that's just the way it was colored. Nothing intentional.

I do have the artist permission to post.
And don't own, don't sue, am broke. ;)
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I Want You to Need Me444 viewsAnother sketch inspired by Selina's Of Strings and Kevlar. <a href="">Of Strings and Kevlar</a>

It's a wickedly good story!
(2 votes)
In His Eyes - art290 viewsI probably drew this wrong but the image in my mind came up with this, though I was thinking of having his arm on her shoulders. Don't know what happened...
I also wanted to draw the one where they were being attacked by the bear. Maybe later.
For inugrrrl's story of the same name. May you keep writing such wonderful stories.
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Baring His Fangs224 viewsMy angst bunny Liz has been pent up too long. She whined for the last 2 weeks to let her out to do this. Glad I did or she probably would have blew a gasket by the looks of Inu's face. *shudders* Plus, I think my feral mood for the last week kinda helped a little. Didn't know I could draw Inu so scary with out him being in youkai mode. LOL

Having Inu pissed off with who ever hurt Kagome (post manga, mind you) was driving force of this piece.

Not real good at drawing perspectively. But it was worth a shot, eh???

I hope you enjoy!!!
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I'll Fly With You187 viewsMy art!bunnies worked me overtime on this one. I've had this image in my mind for a while and the bunnies decided 10 PM last night to say "hey, we need to draw that right now!" Once they demand a piece, I can only but comply with thier wishes or they give me a nasty migrain.

I was inspired by a song I keep on my MP3 player (that I also use when I draw). The song is "I'll fly with you" by Gigi D'Agostino. Everytime I listen to it some form of this image pops in my head.

So at 4 AM the bunnies deemed it finished and I went to bed...for all of 2 1/2 hours before I had to get up for work and get the kids off to school. *swooning* I'm a bit giddy right now and amped on caffine to get this posted tonight. I guess you could say my bunnies gave me BD present, but I had to do the work. LOL

Hope you all enjoy!
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Good Morning Beloved -coloured 1824 viewsThe first coloured version of my Good Morning Beloved sketch.55555
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