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Cry Little Sister379 viewsCry Little Sister...

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother - Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill

Artist: Gerard McMann

BTW: I own nadathing.
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Embodiment of Eternal Love180 viewsThe finished piece. My OC has a name now. Her name is Chiyo-Ai which means Eternal and Love in Japanese. Also wrote a story that was inspired by my Art.

Still struggling on the fingers, toes, noes and lips.... but I am improving elsewhere.

Kagome copyrighted Rumiko Takahashi
Chiyo-Ai copyrighted Inu Hanyou Nikkie
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Looking At You Girl...176 viewsA quick one I slapped together for myself lol.33333
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152 viewsThis was an early attempt at Kirara! 33333
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Sesshy and Kagura280 viewsThis was requested by a friend back at DA. 33333
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Human Inuyasha278 viewsHuman Inuyasha, always wanted to draw him this way but it was waiting for the right time. I think even though he turns human he still keeps those eyes, like in the manga. I love his eyes, and dark hair!! I'm planning for another one...
Inuyasha belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.
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For Inugrrrl340 viewsA WIP for Inugrrl of human Inu posing for a piccie for her. Look! I can do jeans! Sort of...33333
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Time for Sleep771 viewsA grown up version of Inuyasha with the floppy ear. :) I think when he's in Kagome's time, he tends to be more at ease with things.
I wonder what would happen if she saw this as she walked into her room?
Inuyasha and Buyo belong to Takahashi Rumiko
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FOR NEO by HitokiriSakura2012293 views33333
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