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Unbidden Thoughts172 viewsEven after she rejoined the wild winds, thoughts of her still rose, unbidden, in his mind...44444
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Left To Mourn284 viewsShe sat by the weathered stone, praying for her love to return...44444
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A Sweet Kiss - coloured242 viewsmy attempt at computer colouring of my A Sweet Kiss WIP.44444
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Tears on my heart222 viewsI drew this back in 2002 for my fanfic "Tears on my Heart." Also recived 2 awards.44444
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Tensaiga's Gift395 viewsThe Sword of Life began to pulse as the first teardrop fell to the bloodied earth. Should he save her? he wondered.44444
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Some_Good_Butter_WIP2 Collab348 viewsCollabing time, lol. Is that a word, lol.

Line art is NOT mine, it was drawn by the ever talented, InuHanyou. I just added a touch of color to him is all, lol.

Beautiful line art, Nikki.... WOOF!
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Art for Doggieearlover368 viewsAfter reading "The Edge of Winter" by doggieearlover, I was inspired to draw this picture, where the souls are freed from the Shikon no Tama.

I wasn't sure of Kagome's new uniform colour, but she described it as a green top. I thought it would be a gray jacket and blue skirt or something :) Maybe RT would make a colour version on her books.
Inuyasha and Kagome belong to Takahashi Rumiko
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Just say you love me396 viewsI did this for the Feudal Association to be used as an award for best heterosexual artwork. 44444
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Fallen613 viewsThis is based on InuGrrrl's new story "Fallen". 33333
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