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Relaxation303 viewsHuman Inu just relaxing watching the fireflies44444
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He Loves, She Loves752 viewsPart of a black and white series for Inuhanyou Nikkie44444
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Happy Bday Kiki and Deb!413 viewsMy birthday gift to my dearest friends Kiki-nee-chan and Deb-chan! <344444
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What The Wind Blew In That Monday Morning...151 viewsFrom the First Chapter ("What The Wind Blew In That Monday Morning") of "Hell Hath No Fury", this is the very first fight in between InuYasha and Kagome, shortly after she arrives. Kagome, ready to challenge InuYasha to a fight, has to go through Miroku first, as he's the second strongest fighter in the school. Kagome makes short work of him before going after InuYasha, with a strength he never knew she had.

The end result is obvious, but he didn't escape unharmed.
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Greetings of Love318 viewsCan't think of a title... Seems like forever since I did my last drawing. And I have never written in a long time either.
Felt like doing another black and white picture, though it is in colour, I just changed it to b and w setting. There is something classy about it. I attempted to make the background like a painting, but backgrounds are one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can guess where I got this idea from? :)
I have so many things I want to draw, no enthusiasm to go with it... I'll keep trying...
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Pharaoh Naraku243 viewsSomething I did for a contest at DA. I actually won 1st place and I'm still waiting for my prize! XD 44444
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Forever176 viewsShe trembled as he pulled her close,
his strong arms wrapping her in comfort,
his racing heart matching her own.

The sound of beating hearts and blood
filled her ears in a traitorous flood
each pulse begging, pleading,
demanding, and receiving

When brown met blazing, molten gold
his hungry mouth sought her own,
his lust betrayed as he consumed her

Bodies frantic with anticipation,
the lovers caved to their temptation
Longing no more,
Loving forever.
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Am-Heh and Abi342 viewsHere's my Am-Heh, as he appears in the story Hikari, with Queen Abi.

Hikari written by InuGrrrl.
Am-Heh (c) by Ilsa.
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Untitled Inu/Kag WIP344 viewsI have several Untitled in progress. 44444
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