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You're Real, I'm Home256 viewsThe completed piece for Selina's The Infantryman Series <a href="">Rejoined, Relief</a>

It's a merge of Tangible and Rejoined, Relief - taking in the key lines of "You're real" and "I'm home" when after reconnecting the missing part of their souls in love making that Kagome pleads for him to be really there and not a dream. InuYasha replies that he is real and that he's home.

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CLS158 viewsNot sure why but am really liking how this came out. ;)55555
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Miroku and Sango - Colored 160 views'ClubInuyasha' over at dA was having a coloring contest and I figured, why not? So this is one of two (you were allowed two) of mine that I colored for the contest.

In this I wanted to show more detail and color to the characters, that's why there isn't a background. Hope I achieved that.

Awesome line-art was volunteered by 'Artistmeli'. Original line-art can be found here >>>

Miroku/Sango -RT
Line-Art -Artistmeli
Color - Me ^.~
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IY - Dirty Dancing165 viewsDone for the Best AU Artwork banner for the Feudal Association. Done in Markers.55555
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Flight of the Bumblebee - Improved253 viewsImproved version done through Photoshop Elements 6. Got Kagome's hair to look like a pelt in softness. Enhanced their expressions, highlighted and deepened the shading. Gave them more impact/presence.

Gift!Art for Selina for her Awesome story Of Strings and Kevlar!
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TaiYoukai InuYasha by InuYashaReader158 viewsFor all who have read my fiction 'Taiyoukai InuYasha' this is what he looks like! :D Tall, handsome, and to Kagome, her mate! I stink at animals, I had some many references for the dragon, it wasn't even funny. Your probably what is that blue thing on Tessaiga? Or why is his eye gold? That my friends will all be undercover in my fiction! ;) Enjoy!

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
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Getting Dressed336 viewsInuyasha helping with Kagome's kimono55555
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Measuring - art291 viewsCouldn't help being inspired to draw this one!55555
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Love's Embrace207 viewsFeeling a little angsty lately, so I drew this. Loose reference to a picture on

Inuyasha and Kagome belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.
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