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Promise213 viewsHe whispered to her softly as her tears slid down her muddied cheeks. "I promise..."55555
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Strength148 viewsThey gave each other strength when it was needed the most.55555
(1 votes)
Kagura137 viewsFirst shot at Kagura, and with this type of pen.55555
(1 votes)
New Sword Upgrade!188 viewsOh no, another sword upgrade? By George, I think Tessaiga's gone plaid!55555
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Forever161 viewsShe trembled as he pulled her close,
his strong arms wrapping her in comfort,
his racing heart matching her own.

The sound of beating hearts and blood
filled her ears in a traitorous flood
each pulse begging, pleading,
demanding, and receiving

When brown met blazing, molten gold
his hungry mouth sought her own,
his lust betrayed as he consumed her

Bodies frantic with anticipation,
the lovers caved to their temptation
Longing no more,
Loving forever.
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Unbidden Thoughts155 viewsEven after she rejoined the wild winds, thoughts of her still rose, unbidden, in his mind...44444
(1 votes)
Left To Mourn262 viewsShe sat by the weathered stone, praying for her love to return...44444
(1 votes)
Tensaiga's Gift366 viewsThe Sword of Life began to pulse as the first teardrop fell to the bloodied earth. Should he save her? he wondered.44444
(3 votes)
139 viewsThis was an early attempt at Kirara! 33333
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