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A Sweet Kiss - coloured230 viewsmy attempt at computer colouring of my A Sweet Kiss WIP.
227 viewsI drew this one for my friend Rin in 2002 for her fanfic

"My Brother/My Lover."
This Miko Packs a Punch223 viewsPlaying with perspectives.
Tribute to DeviKuro222 viewsThis is a tribute I made to one wonderful InuYasha Artist. She was the one who provided scans for the IY Fan World and the best comics before too many bad crooks put the damper on her love of all things InuYasha.
Tribute to Rumiko221 viewsDid this to honour the woman who gave us InuYasha!
The Snowman Incident219 viewsArt by Kriscyncial - Commissioned by Inu Hanyou Nikkie

This is a scene I had commissioned from the artist at DA known as Kriscyncial from my story The Snowman Incident. It's the moment where they finally confess their feelings for each other against the beautiful display of a colourful fountain in winter time.

The story can be found in my Chicken Soup for the Inu/Kag Lovers' Soul
Kagome is MINE! WIP218 viewsThis is also from DEL story Live and Let Die: Awakenings. Kouga -that stupid wolf- went and tried to take Kagome away from InuYasha after they had mated. InuYasha went full Youkai to get his point across.
M.P.R.217 viewsComing to America, InuYasha never thought he'd find the love of his life, but he did. Just to have it jerked away from him one single act of violence. As his life hangs by a thread, can anyone help him through it all?

Made for the ever talented, Inugrrrl, for her wonderful story: Money, Power, Respect.
Promise213 viewsHe whispered to her softly as her tears slid down her muddied cheeks. "I promise..."
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