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Brothers253 viewsBoth Inu Youkais looking yummy. found a nice reference of twins to use!
Flight of the Bumblebee - Improved253 viewsImproved version done through Photoshop Elements 6. Got Kagome's hair to look like a pelt in softness. Enhanced their expressions, highlighted and deepened the shading. Gave them more impact/presence.

Gift!Art for Selina for her Awesome story Of Strings and Kevlar!
Miroku252 viewsI was asked to do a piccie of Miroku so here it is.. why did I put him into construction? because as construction workers as 'always' depicted as being harrassers of women Miroku fits this to a T.
Happy 6th Anniversary, Eternal Destiny!252 viewsCr: Wallpaper by Moniquiu for Eternal Destiny's 6th anniversary.
A Sweet Kiss251 viewsWIP. I did colour this one by computer but not by hand yet.
On Top of the World251 viewsWIP -human Inuyasha and Kagome sharing a kiss on a Ferris wheel ride.
Inugrrrl's Kirban251 viewsHere it is the completed version of Inugrrrl's kirban! She asked for Human!InuYasha and she got him.... with an added bonus! I included her as part of the kirban!

I am so very pleased with my achievement! I made the coolest clouds!! and their eyes are amazing! I love the smiles!! I love the effect his jeans have!!!! and the skirt those wonderful highlights!!.... and Yes.. Inugrrrl DOES have a Halo about her because to me she's a Goddess.
Forever249 viewsMade for Knife of Romance...


Forever, I have loved you

Forever, I have kept it to myself

Forever, I could not live without you

Forever, you came to me

Forever, I allowed myself to love you

Forever, we will be... Forever.

I own nadathing! ;)
Highlander_Hanyou_WIP247 viewsInuYasha as a Highlander! Yep, he is wearing a Kilt! (This has been over a year in the works.)
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