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Kouga Eran280 viewsKouga Eran a character from the story Hikari written by InuGrrrl.
Sesshy and Kagura280 viewsThis was requested by a friend back at DA.
Human Inuyasha278 viewsHuman Inuyasha, always wanted to draw him this way but it was waiting for the right time. I think even though he turns human he still keeps those eyes, like in the manga. I love his eyes, and dark hair!! I'm planning for another one...
Inuyasha belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.
On Top of the World WIP276 viewsfrom Chapter four of Doggieearlover's story She's Like the Wind/Power of Love. Where Kagome kisses InuYasha while in a ferris wheel when it stops at the top.
Inuyasha & Kagome274 viewsA somewhat old drawing that I am still quite proud of. The original work itself can be found on my deviant art page:
Come to my Wild Side273 viewsInuyasha wearing only a fundoushi is playing with Kagome. WIP
Kagome is MINE!! WIP273 viewsThe colouring of the sketch.
Happy 6th Anniversary, Eternal Destiny!266 viewsCr: Wallpaper by Moniquiu for Eternal Destiny's 6th anniversary.
Brothers256 viewsBoth Inu Youkais looking yummy. found a nice reference of twins to use!
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