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Behind the Wheel336 viewsWIP of Sesshoumaru Rin in the Modern time. I'm struggling with his eyes and I adore the Pixie look on Rin's face. He is indulgent of Rin and only of her.
Touch336 viewsTouch...
A look, a breath...
to feel oneself through the Touch of another...
to feel another through the Touch of oneself...
two souls, two heartbeats, together... They Touch.

I own nadathing! ;)
Getting Dressed336 viewsInuyasha helping with Kagome's kimono
Good Morning Beloved WIP324 viewsWIP - Human Inuyasha kissing Kagome awake on the ending of the New Moon night. ... Or just Human Inuyasha and Kagome married and he is being playful.
Greetings of Love318 viewsCan't think of a title... Seems like forever since I did my last drawing. And I have never written in a long time either.
Felt like doing another black and white picture, though it is in colour, I just changed it to b and w setting. There is something classy about it. I attempted to make the background like a painting, but backgrounds are one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can guess where I got this idea from? :)
I have so many things I want to draw, no enthusiasm to go with it... I'll keep trying...
Kagome the Taijiya313 viewsJust something that I came up with if Kagome was trained and given her own demon slayer's outfit.

I bet InuYasha would enjoy seeing his Kagome in this outfit!
Keh! Romance Novels WIP311 viewsThe evils of Romance Novel covers has gripped InuYasha. He isn't too thrilled to be posing for one - at least Kagome can occupy his mind...
Inu-Man305 viewsA very bad Crack!Pic of Inuyasha as He-Man. And yes Inuyasha is snarling at me... groans..
Relaxation303 viewsHuman Inu just relaxing watching the fireflies
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