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Getting Dressed319 viewsInuyasha helping with Kagome's kimono
Good Morning Beloved WIP315 viewsWIP - Human Inuyasha kissing Kagome awake on the ending of the New Moon night. ... Or just Human Inuyasha and Kagome married and he is being playful.
ED 2nd Anniversary Wallpaper -by Neo311 views
Keh! Romance Novels WIP302 viewsThe evils of Romance Novel covers has gripped InuYasha. He isn't too thrilled to be posing for one - at least Kagome can occupy his mind...
Kagome the Taijiya301 viewsJust something that I came up with if Kagome was trained and given her own demon slayer's outfit.

I bet InuYasha would enjoy seeing his Kagome in this outfit!
Greetings of Love297 viewsCan't think of a title... Seems like forever since I did my last drawing. And I have never written in a long time either.
Felt like doing another black and white picture, though it is in colour, I just changed it to b and w setting. There is something classy about it. I attempted to make the background like a painting, but backgrounds are one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can guess where I got this idea from? :)
I have so many things I want to draw, no enthusiasm to go with it... I'll keep trying...
Inu-Man294 viewsA very bad Crack!Pic of Inuyasha as He-Man. And yes Inuyasha is snarling at me... groans..
Relaxation288 viewsHuman Inu just relaxing watching the fireflies
4000th Member Wallpaper287 viewsWallpaper gift given to our 4000th Member at ED.

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