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Eternally Destined Winning Wallpaper556 viewsWallpaper awarded to KiraraDaisuki at our art group, Eternally Destined, on Deviant Art.

Creator: Thisismesmiling
ED Halloween Wallpaper504 viewsWallpaper for Halloween.

Creator: Michiko
1000th Member Wallpaper491 viewsWallpaper gift given to our 1000th Member at ED.

Creator: Michiko
I Want You to Need Me442 viewsAnother sketch inspired by Selina's Of Strings and Kevlar. <a href="">Of Strings and Kevlar</a>

It's a wickedly good story!
InuYasha Kagome Kissy Collab433 viewsI asked Lubtodraw, and she said OK, again.

Hope I did her line art justice. Slightly different from the original, but I think that's just the way it was colored. Nothing intentional.

I do have the artist permission to post.
And don't own, don't sue, am broke. ;)
Happy Bday Kiki and Deb!411 viewsMy birthday gift to my dearest friends Kiki-nee-chan and Deb-chan! <3
This Kiss, This Kiss407 viewsI don't know the song very well but I do know the lines This Kiss This Kiss.

Here is Modern InuYasha and Kagome sharing a tender sensual moment together.

InuYasha murmurs quietly, his breath ghostly her lips, "This kiss. . ."
Kagome softly answers as her lids gently drift shut, "This kiss. . ." and she leans in.

I went for all traditional method for this one.. Pencils.

I'm pleased.. the jeans came out nice!
Kiss406 viewsJust a random pic of my fav couple sharing a kiss. ^_^
Paper Ribbon399 viewsYou know when you read something, and then you have to draw something for it...:)
For KnittingKnots' "Paper Ribbon"
I wasn't sure how to draw this one, because there are so many possibilities, and different angles. For now I'm happy with this one.
Inuyasha and Kagome belong to Takahashi Rumiko
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