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Tears on my heart223 viewsI drew this back in 2002 for my fanfic "Tears on my Heart." Also recived 2 awards.
KOR W.I.P.222 viewsLine-art for InuGrrrl wonderful story, Knife of Romance... soon to be colored. ;)

I own nadathing! ;)
FOR 3LUE3UTTERFLY by Shaliken222 views
Aye, Captain221 viewsInuyasha and Kagome crossed over in Star Trek TOS gear. Done for the Best AU Artwork at Feudal Association.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make profit from it.

Media: Markers
FOR DARKANGELOFLOV by Cati-Art219 views
A Tender Kiss Crop217 viewsthis is the cropped version of my piccie A Tender Kiss. Full version can be found in the Adult Gallery.
Valentine Kiss216 viewsThis is for the Valentine Kiss Challenge on LJ. I wrote 20 little 100 words stories and this was to go with it.
A Family Walk215 viewsThis first was begun in September 2006 for a friend who is slowly writing a wonderful story. Which I highly recommend as a read!! Since then I had a nasty block with it . I finally was inspired to finish it. The little boy is HER OC InuTaro. She is the Complete Owner of InuTaro, I just grew what I thought he may look like.

This was my first attempt at doing a child and I am glad he turned out a little better than originally drafted in which I thought I drew an Area 51 Alien.
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