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The Slayer, Biker Babe Sango196 viewsSo here is a new take on Sango. I made her into a Biker Babe called The Slayer. Poor playboy-preppie/yuppie Miroku.. He has been so spoon-fed and given everything he wanted or just wanted in order to show up his rivals/friends that he doesn't know what to do with a very strong independant woman like The Slayer.
He's My Girl, Kagome Braid's Shaya's Hair by Ai Kisugi196 viewsDrawn for 'He's My Girl' Chapter 9, that I am co-authoring with Karaumea. It's a sexy comedy based loosely on the Inuyasha characters created by Rumiko Takahashi and the '12th Night or What You Will' by Shakespeare. The scene pictured is from the pajama party. Inuyasha is stuck with a spell-binding bracelet that makes him look like a girl and of course, like all romantic comedies he gets his crush, Kagome, as a roommate.
So Little Time Kagome195 viewsThis is the cropped piccie of So Little Time written by Doggieearlover. Complete piece is in the Adult Gallery.
Aye, Captain195 viewsInuyasha and Kagome crossed over in Star Trek TOS gear. Done for the Best AU Artwork at Feudal Association.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make profit from it.

Media: Markers
Lil' Red & the Big Bad Dog!195 viewsFor Eternal Destiny's 2010 Halloween contest, I thought it would be cool to have some art made for the winner, depicting one of Grimm's Fairytales. I chose Little Red Riding Hood and asked the talented, Rootslove, to bring my idea to life: InuYasha has long slain that wimpy wolf and now he's waiting for innocent Red...

Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Art by Rootslove
Leather Clad Yash W.I.P.193 viewsOh yea, nothing like leather clad InuYasha... *slurp!*

Been trying a few different things with him. He likes to play. :D
Baring His Fangs191 viewsMy angst bunny Liz has been pent up too long. She whined for the last 2 weeks to let her out to do this. Glad I did or she probably would have blew a gasket by the looks of Inu's face. *shudders* Plus, I think my feral mood for the last week kinda helped a little. Didn't know I could draw Inu so scary with out him being in youkai mode. LOL

Having Inu pissed off with who ever hurt Kagome (post manga, mind you) was driving force of this piece.

Not real good at drawing perspectively. But it was worth a shot, eh???

I hope you enjoy!!!
Festival190 viewsA very old piece I did of Human Inuyasha corning Kagome during a festival for some alone time.
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