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InuYasha's Mark by Selina MacCloveror205 viewsThis is my first attempt at any sort of anime drawing. I'm not completely happy with it, but it will do for now. I may touch it up later.
A Family Walk205 viewsThis first was begun in September 2006 for a friend who is slowly writing a wonderful story. Which I highly recommend as a read!! Since then I had a nasty block with it . I finally was inspired to finish it. The little boy is HER OC InuTaro. She is the Complete Owner of InuTaro, I just grew what I thought he may look like.

This was my first attempt at doing a child and I am glad he turned out a little better than originally drafted in which I thought I drew an Area 51 Alien.
Valentine Kiss204 viewsThis is for the Valentine Kiss Challenge on LJ. I wrote 20 little 100 words stories and this was to go with it.
Tears on my heart203 viewsI drew this back in 2002 for my fanfic "Tears on my Heart." Also recived 2 awards.
Some Good Butter at School200 viewsWIP - part of my Some Good Butter series.. will eventually end up very naughty. Having problems with his hands... and also my first attempt at a background from a program.
KOR W.I.P.200 viewsLine-art for InuGrrrl wonderful story, Knife of Romance... soon to be colored. ;)

I own nadathing! ;)
Human Inuyasha - AU200 viewsThe meaning of "Yum"?
So Little Time Kagome198 viewsThis is the cropped piccie of So Little Time written by Doggieearlover. Complete piece is in the Adult Gallery.
A Tender Kiss Crop196 viewsthis is the cropped version of my piccie A Tender Kiss. Full version can be found in the Adult Gallery.
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