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This Miko Packs a Punch232 viewsPlaying with perspectives.
M.P.R.231 viewsComing to America, InuYasha never thought he'd find the love of his life, but he did. Just to have it jerked away from him one single act of violence. As his life hangs by a thread, can anyone help him through it all?

Made for the ever talented, Inugrrrl, for her wonderful story: Money, Power, Respect.
Tribute to DeviKuro231 viewsThis is a tribute I made to one wonderful InuYasha Artist. She was the one who provided scans for the IY Fan World and the best comics before too many bad crooks put the damper on her love of all things InuYasha.
Lil' Red & the Big Bad Dog!231 viewsFor Eternal Destiny's 2010 Halloween contest, I thought it would be cool to have some art made for the winner, depicting one of Grimm's Fairytales. I chose Little Red Riding Hood and asked the talented, Rootslove, to bring my idea to life: InuYasha has long slain that wimpy wolf and now he's waiting for innocent Red...

Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Art by Rootslove
Birthday Gift Pic for FarAwayEyes230 viewsThis is a Birthday piccie I did for farawayeyes. I will be redoing this one. I want to make it so much more prefect for her. Here Sesshoumaru gives his beloved mate/wife a sweet little kiss. Her earrings are of a crescent moon. His gift to her.
Kagome is MINE! WIP227 viewsThis is also from DEL story Live and Let Die: Awakenings. Kouga -that stupid wolf- went and tried to take Kagome away from InuYasha after they had mated. InuYasha went full Youkai to get his point across.
Baring His Fangs225 viewsMy angst bunny Liz has been pent up too long. She whined for the last 2 weeks to let her out to do this. Glad I did or she probably would have blew a gasket by the looks of Inu's face. *shudders* Plus, I think my feral mood for the last week kinda helped a little. Didn't know I could draw Inu so scary with out him being in youkai mode. LOL

Having Inu pissed off with who ever hurt Kagome (post manga, mind you) was driving force of this piece.

Not real good at drawing perspectively. But it was worth a shot, eh???

I hope you enjoy!!!
InuYasha's Mark by Selina MacCloveror225 viewsThis is my first attempt at any sort of anime drawing. I'm not completely happy with it, but it will do for now. I may touch it up later.
Human Inuyasha - AU224 viewsThe meaning of "Yum"?
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