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Most viewed - Art by Ilsa-chan
Street Punk Inu596 viewsA birthday present a made for a friend back at DA. ^_^
Fallen580 viewsThis is based on InuGrrrl's new story "Fallen".
Happy Bday Kiki and Deb!389 viewsMy birthday gift to my dearest friends Kiki-nee-chan and Deb-chan! <3
Kiss384 viewsJust a random pic of my fav couple sharing a kiss. ^_^
Just say you love me374 viewsI did this for the Feudal Association to be used as an award for best heterosexual artwork.
Inuyasha Emmanuel344 viewsInuyasha Emmanuel from the story "Hikari" written by InuGrrrl.
Am-Heh and Abi319 viewsHere's my Am-Heh, as he appears in the story Hikari, with Queen Abi.

Hikari written by InuGrrrl.
Am-Heh (c) by Ilsa.
Sesshy and Kagura269 viewsThis was requested by a friend back at DA.
Bankotsu Gershom267 viewsHere's another Hikari character! His name is Bankotsu Gershom( means exile) and he's the leader of Naraku's elite team!

Hikari written by InuGrrrl.
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