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Inuyasha & Kagome274 viewsA somewhat old drawing that I am still quite proud of. The original work itself can be found on my deviant art page:
Lil' Red & the Big Bad Dog!231 viewsFor Eternal Destiny's 2010 Halloween contest, I thought it would be cool to have some art made for the winner, depicting one of Grimm's Fairytales. I chose Little Red Riding Hood and asked the talented, Rootslove, to bring my idea to life: InuYasha has long slain that wimpy wolf and now he's waiting for innocent Red...

Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Art by Rootslove
InuYasha's Mark by Selina MacCloveror225 viewsThis is my first attempt at any sort of anime drawing. I'm not completely happy with it, but it will do for now. I may touch it up later.
He's My Girl, Kagome Braid's Shaya's Hair by Ai Kisugi212 viewsDrawn for 'He's My Girl' Chapter 9, that I am co-authoring with Karaumea. It's a sexy comedy based loosely on the Inuyasha characters created by Rumiko Takahashi and the '12th Night or What You Will' by Shakespeare. The scene pictured is from the pajama party. Inuyasha is stuck with a spell-binding bracelet that makes him look like a girl and of course, like all romantic comedies he gets his crush, Kagome, as a roommate.
I'm Rather Horny, He's My Girl Ch 14 by Ai Kisugi194 viewsFrom He's My Girl, Chapter 14. Kagome has told Inuyasha, "I'm rather horny." The boy is a bit surprised by her words and doesn't know exactly what to think.

Pencil on Paper. Scanned into Adobe PhotoShop and colored. Used a VisiTablet for the fine work. (God, I love working with graphics tablets! They are so much fun.)

In the background is a real picture of Lake Ashi, the lake that Inuyasha and Kagome are visiting during this chapter.
Is he still here?! by Selina MacCloveror179 viewsThis is from my newly completed story, Big League Affair; chapter 35 ("Jamz and Third Base") when Miroku asks if they can leave the club to return to their hotel room....

"That was when she remembered that Bank was there with them, and she peered around Miroku’s shoulders...."
The Famous Kiss144 viewsCouldn't help it! XD

I think this will be a scene in my fan-fiction later, but InuYasha is smirking with his darn eye! I swear it! X( I tried and tried to get rid of it, failure on my end. But I swear he's smirking with that eye of his...BAD DOG! XD

InuYasha was suppose to come out on top, I started it that way, but when I put him on top, Kagome looked like she was breaking her neck to kiss him! :O So I made it look like InuYasha was holding her bridal style and holding her up for the kiss.

My favorite couple of course! :D
The Return of Osuwari132 viewsA commission of a scene from my Bet fic. This is from the Return of Osuwari chapter.

Art by Rootslove
InuKag128 viewsWell, this was practice with Photoshop. I still have two probelms with this one, and they both have to do with the line art. The height difference, and InuYasha's left hand. Otherwise, I like it!

InuYasha and Kagome, InuYasha as he appears in my fan-fiction, 'Eyes to Life'.

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
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