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A Toast to Forever110 viewsMy entry to ED's contest. In celebration of ED's 4 anniversary/New Year

Enjoy ^___^
Inevitable by InuKagomelover90 viewsThe title is pretty self-explanatory :D

Enjoy ^_^
Into The Well by InuKagomelover137 viewsThis is my first submission here XD..better late than never right?

Anyways, if this looks familar to you in anyway, it's because this is also submitted on my page at DeviantArt.

I kind of came up with this little story in my head about Kagome being late to come back to the past and Inu getting mad like always when he finally decides to get her. Going back into the well, Kagome decides to surprise our loveable half-demon with a kiss in a attempt to sway his grumpy mood.

Enjoy :3

92. All That I Have95 views100 Theme Challenge: #92 out of 100: ALL THAT I HAVE

I did make the background completely out of brushes again, however I'm going to start drawing my own backgrounds to see which looks better to my eye and to yours. InuYasha and Kagome as they appear in my 'Eyes to Life' fan-fiction.

All brushes used can be found here:

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
IK: Enjoying the Springs73 viewsThis is the full version of 'Enjoying the Springs'. The cropped version is in the InuYasha General Art's gallery. First hentai piece from me. XD

All brushes used can be found here:

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Wicked Tales-Demon Cinderella by InuKagomelover119 viewsMy deliciously dark entry for ED's Halloween contest :D
Also seen at my page on DeviantArt.

+Once Upon A Snowy Night+126 viewsThis was done for InuKag week at a group on Deviantart and the prompt was "winter"

Enjoy ^_^
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