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Dreaming of You100 viewsDone for the Feudal Association banners, October 2010.Oct 06, 2010
Commission - Doctor Who-InuYasha - Destiny and Fate in Time78 viewsCommissioned by InuGrrrl by Artist Rootslove from DeviantART and given to me as a Birthday present based on my Doctor Who/IY fic Destiny and Fate in TimeSep 30, 2010
Inevitable by InuKagomelover103 viewsThe title is pretty self-explanatory :D

Enjoy ^_^
Sep 26, 2010
IY: The Lost Bet - Traditional180 viewsThe traditional version of The Lost Bet. The artist likes the other (digital version) better, but personally, I prefer this one.

Art by Rootslove
Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Sep 20, 2010
IY: The Lost Bet152 viewsA fan art from the Agony of De-feet chapter of my Sake list from Challenge Destiny.

Drawn by Rootslove.
Commissioned by InuGrrrl
Sep 20, 2010
Cooling Off87 viewsDisclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi, Shounen Sunday, VIZ. I am only using them for pure entertainment value only Reference photo came from photostock.

My entry for DeviantART's InuYasha New Moon Group contest Water.Not one of my okay works.. but it's decent. I still can't do fingers and hands!! *CRIES* And trying to depict water without using any special brushes or tricks is hard! *cries more*

Bit behind the sketch. I was thinking of InuYasha and how being shunned by both demons and humans would know pretty much all the best hot springs, waterfalls, pools, lakes and rivers to go and get water or clean off.

Then I was thinking what would InuYasha do during those really hot summer nights where sleep is impossible from the heat and humidity. So I think he would go to one of his secret spots to cool his body off during one of those really bad nights.

He just finished swimming under the water and just plain old soaking in the much cooler waters when he hears a noise upon getting out fast he notices his hakamas have dropped from the weight of water in them so InuYasha goes to pull them up when what makes the noise appears.... a doe in search of cooling off herself from the heat.

PS... I think I see some things that need to be fixed up.
Sep 01, 2010
Into The Well by InuKagomelover158 viewsThis is my first submission here XD..better late than never right?

Anyways, if this looks familar to you in anyway, it's because this is also submitted on my page at DeviantArt.

I kind of came up with this little story in my head about Kagome being late to come back to the past and Inu getting mad like always when he finally decides to get her. Going back into the well, Kagome decides to surprise our loveable half-demon with a kiss in a attempt to sway his grumpy mood.

Enjoy :3

Aug 12, 2010
Sakura Love54 viewsThis is my entry to The-InuYasha-Fanclub 's contest! Which is sakura!

The sakura brushes I did have were not nearly as good as I originally thought, so I had to go find different ones. I think I went a little overboard with the think?

InuYasha and Kagome enjoying the last days of spring. At least Japan isn't as hot as Texas...

Enjoy it! :D

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Aug 07, 2010
Do not Disturb72 views100 Theme Challenge.

I think that is the best hand I've ever drawn. And no I didn't trace my hand, I was tempted too, but that hand is much larger than mine. My hand can't cover an entire sketchbook page.

Do not disturb a couple, not wise. No camera's please! ;)

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Aug 07, 2010
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