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So Cold ... Can't Move255 viewsThis is from Doggieearlover's story Live and Let Die. InuYasha had just been freed from his tomb of torment. Nov 03, 2007
Some Good Butter V3 WIP183 viewsYah... here is another in the series/version of my orginal sketch... He asked me to draw him topless and with his tongue licking his lips. Plus he wanted to point out he has a Treasure Trail.Nov 03, 2007
Some Good Butter V2 WIP165 viewsYah... It is becoming a series. and I think I need to move the line where I was planning on putting a tattoo up more...

Eventually he'll be nakkie - sighs... I will also be doing this in all his forms. Full Human and then Full Youkai.
Nov 03, 2007
For InuGrrrl WIP254 viewsThis is going to be the painted version of her piccie... and InuYasha decided as I was doing this to smile sexily for Inugrrrl and show off a bit of his Treasure Trail.

I had to darken up this image in order for the viewing.
Nov 03, 2007
A Tender Kiss Crop215 viewsthis is the cropped version of my piccie A Tender Kiss. Full version can be found in the Adult Gallery.Nov 03, 2007
Untitled Inu/Kag WIP344 viewsI have several Untitled in progress. Nov 03, 2007
Kagome the Taijiya313 viewsJust something that I came up with if Kagome was trained and given her own demon slayer's outfit.

I bet InuYasha would enjoy seeing his Kagome in this outfit!
Nov 03, 2007
Don't Cry Sango289 viewsPiccie and Poem both created each other.

Don’t Cry Sango
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Don’t Cry Sango
Be strong where I am weak.

Don’t let the sunlight dim from your eyes
Let not dark clouds shadow your face.

Smile for me even when I am gone
Never doubt my love for you.

Hold me tight in your embrace
Kiss me with the waters of passion
Love me like no other
Move with me in the eternal dance
Heal me with your touches
Break me with a look
Destroy me with a word
But never give up on me.

Do not cry Sango
As the evening awakes
And the sun of our time sets.
Think only of the days
That we shared
The smiles we passed
The tenderness not seen
Even by the closest friends

Remember me as I am now
Not who I will be in the future.
Forget the man of the past
The reality in here and now

No uncertainties
No fears
No insecurities

I Fight for you
I Cherish you
I Live for you
I love only you
I bleed for you

. . . and I die for you.
Nov 03, 2007
So Little Time Kagome207 viewsThis is the cropped piccie of So Little Time written by Doggieearlover. Complete piece is in the Adult Gallery.Nov 03, 2007
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