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Last additions - Art by Rinoa
Human InuYasha Yum-Yums!106 viewsAs requested.
This was a request by Da Grrrl herself.
So much fun to do it was criminal! XD

Enjoy the Yum-Yums people!
Jun 16, 2009
Hold Me111 viewsSome Sango & Miroku love.
Once again I'm not sure if this is allowed...I'm so sorry if it's not!
You have permission to kick my ass 8O
Feb 25, 2009
Miroku Man Flesh...Nom Nom109 viewsMy quick take on Miroku...Hope he's allowed on here?
I can't remember if it's just for Kags and Inu or if others are allowed!

I'm sure the Grrrl will kick my arse if it's not 8P
Feb 25, 2009
Out On Your Ass145 viewsI drew this as a gift to Karen, hope she don't mind me sticking it up here! 8D
Mmmm Human Inu...
Feb 25, 2009
Wet Dawg87 viewsJust a little something I did a while ago and finally got around to colouring!Feb 25, 2009
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